15 Days of Pain

I’m very frustrated right now. Spent all night last night and most of today thinking almost exclusively about Kay. She basically is too stressed/busy to give dating me a real chance, because she doesn’t want to do anything other than a relationship. She’s pissed me the fuck off at this point. I can “tell” that we’d work good together, but she won’t let it. I mean, I bear some responsibility too, absolutely, but this is all on her right now. I kind of told her “It’s not me, it’s you” and she was kind of taken aback. I told her it’s true. You’re not letting anything real happen despite being really attracted to me. Too bad.

Too bad for her, but right now it just bugs the shit out of me. I need to take action. Action always feels better than wallowing. I’m so frustrated with so many things right now, but that means action will get me far from where I am. I just have to take action. So does Riv.

Rivelino's Diary

so several things happened pretty much all at once the past few weeks to make me really angry, bitter, even hateful.

1. realized that i wasted a lot of money, and am down thousands of dollars from where i should be. a fool and his money shall soon be parted. i am that fool. a stupid fool.

2. lost amsterdam girl, who although was not a stunner, was the highest quality girl i have gotten in three years. lost her, and lost her in dramatic fashion. quick and fast. in one blow.

3. fucked things up with raven haired beauty P. maybe things were never going to work, but there was some potential there. but things spiraled down quickly with her too.

4. also with hot K. that was a pipe dream, a stupid dream, since i blew it with her last year, but still, the harsh realization coming so…

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~ by aneroidocean on 06/17/2013.

3 Responses to “15 Days of Pain”

  1. Maybe on these trips to Madrid you should be lining up chicks for photoshoots.

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