Yoga Chick

So Yoga Chick hit me up yesterday asking me if I could crash on her couch (I said I already had a volleyball friend crashing on the couch), then if I wanted to hot tub, then if there was any good Karaoke spot around my area, then invited me to Karaoke.  I countered saying I was real tired, massage trade would be much better.  She responded:

<Yoga Chick> If I don’t go [karaoke] I will definitely hook you up…  No trades needed you deserve one.

[4 hours pass while I’m at work]

<Yoga Chick> Hot tub?

<AO> Sounds nice but I’m driving home then hitting the gym with Ben

<Yoga Chick> Come after we aren’t going out [to karaoke]

<AO> [can’t]

<Yoga Chick> Well if you want a massage when would it be?

<AO> Not until after 11 so don’t worry about it.  Don’t think I’ll have much time tonight

<Yoga Chick> Ok zzzzz let me know if you change your mind!

9PM <Yoga Chick> Wow I’m in bed….so….tires.  Staying at [her friend’s place near me]

When I get back from the gym shortly after I call her and she says she’ll come over.  She proceeds to give me a nice long massage with lotion and we get under the covers and I massage her just a little bit on the shoulders while laying down and while we chat.  Then I go to bed.  She kisses my neck and shit like that and I tell her “hey!” and shut her down.  My body says yes, fuck the shit out of this girl, but my mind says no, don’t get any more involved in her crazy.

In the morning I rush her ass out the door tell her to get in the car, we hustle over to the breakfast sandwich shop a few blocks away and pick up some coffee/sandwiches.  I told her I had to bolt from there but she didn’t understand she’d have to walk from there.  Oh well!

Later we’re texting and I find out she’s Christian, told her I wouldn’t have called that.  She responded:

<Yoga Chick> Why?

<Yoga Chick> Cause of my dirty mouth?

<Yoga Chick> I trust you, more than myself and that’s why I sleep in your bed… Otherwise I wouldn’t put myself in that position.

<Yoga Chick> It’s the drinking… Lol!

<Yoga Chick> I’m kidding…. it doesn’t matter….Lol! I just wanted to fuxx with u!

<AO> Thank you that’s quite a compliment

<AO> [quote her statement about trust] Do you not trust yourself that much?

<Yoga Chick> Not with people I’m attracted to.

<Yoga Chick> I’m very physical… But I knew you’d be the stronger one. Lol!

<Yoga Chick> Is that bad…. ?

<Yoga Chick> I don’t like… :/


This is really weird having a cuddle bitch.  The crazy is real strong with this one.  Real strong.  I really shouldn’t play with her hamster so.

She’s seen me with Maria and I’ve told her I’m hanging out with Maria when she asks me what I’m up to.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/17/2013.

3 Responses to “Yoga Chick”

  1. I have never heard of that before. A man making a woman his cuddle bitch.

    • Well, eventually I caved and banged her. It was a bad decision and I knew it. I’m dealing with the repercussions now, but I think the stage is set for me to be able to cut that out fairly simply. I hope. :|

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