Yoga Chick – Should I just bone?

This is what I was thinking this morning as she rubbed her ass willingly on my morning wood.  I pulled her in tight and pushed against her briefly, but then laid back and just had it resting against her.  She wanted it so bad, running her hands along my hips and along my stomach almost but not quite to my dick.


I fell asleep with her last night after she gave me a pretty decent massage and I tried hard to stay awake to give her one back.


As she got out of bed this morning to go play volleyball (I had to set a couple alarms for her as her phone was dead with no charger), she said something that I couldn’t quite make out, but I was pretty sure it had to do with women and blue balls.  I texted her later:


<AO> Hey.  What did you say to me this morning?  Something about female blue balls?

<Yoga Chick> Hehee… Hoped you didn’t hear that…I said…”Can women get blue balls?”

<AO> That’s what I thought


What a strange, strange fucking thing.

On a related note, I texted the 19 year old some bullshit and she didn’t respond until nearly three hours later:

<19> Hahahahaha sorry! I have so much crap to do!  I keep forgetting to reply!

[I let nearly 24 hours go by as she had responded well over 12 hours to my prior text]

<AO> K.  Friday 7:30 PM my place.  Bring a bikini for the hot tub and a smile for me

[Just over two hours later I get]

<19> Hahaha okay, sounds good [some kind of wack smiley face I don’t get on my phone]

<19> (;

<19> (:


Annnnnndd there you have it, as the AO world turns.



~ by aneroidocean on 06/19/2013.

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