Yoga Chick – Morning After

<Yoga Chick> You didn’t look happy when you left, I hope your day gets better.

<Yoga Chick> [sends a picture of me with my neighbors/friends from another night that we all went out]

<AO> Thank you.  I’m not.  Just need to make the best of it then head north tonight to say bye to my family [visiting from out of town] and get back home to rest well enough to finish out the week.  Send [mutual friend who she was supposed to visit today] my regards.

<Yoga Chick> I don’t think I’m going to see him….

<Yoga Chick> I am going to pick up the morning after pill [condom had come off when she was doing some crazy porn star/yoga position shit]…

<Yoga Chick> But I will if I do [send regards].  I hope your week gets better.

<AO> Oh.  Good thinking on the pill.  Better to err on the side of caution, sorry that’s going to cause you some discomfort.  Let me know how much and I’ll give you cash.

<Yoga Chick> Yeah…. It sucks!  I really don’t want to :(

<AO> It’s the best course of action.  [Then I told her that I wanted her to understand I wasn’t upset at her this morning, just really not happy about this week and upset at myself for getting such shitty/little sleep.]

Thank god she’s getting the morning after pill.  There’s only really a super tiny chance that she’d get pregnant since I didn’t cum, but I’d definitely like that chance eradicated.  Gotta wait until she’s done with the pill then cut this off with her.  It’s been out of hand since the beginning and it’s not doing me any good.  I don’t even really like kissing her because she smokes occasionally and I can taste it and that’s nasty.  Plus she’s a huge handful, I hope she doesn’t lose her shit when I tell her.

I was actually annoyed that last night I didn’t just call up Maria and have her come over for a much more enjoyable bang session and way earlier night.  She was texting me and I couldn’t do anything about it because I’d already made my bed and was in the middle of lying down in it.  Frustrating.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/24/2013.

8 Responses to “Yoga Chick – Morning After”

  1. Didn’t read this before my comment on the other thread, but glad to see you’re going to cut her off, and wait for her to take the pill first.

    Again, kill her attraction first. Crazy won’t pull games to get you back in her life if she doesn’t want you back in her life.

    • You need to take a, dare I say it, Leap of Beta. ;)

      • You guys really think so? I was seriously considering going direct and just telling her I can’t be physical with her anymore, for two reasons:

        1. I already had this frame prior, I just broke frame and started banging her after she practically mouth-raped my dick.

        2. The morning after pill is something I could use to my advantage. I can come from the angle that the pregnancy scare (even though it’s not really for me) really made me think and that I came to the same conclusion I had before (that I really shouldn’t be with her, I’m not really available to her).

        This could backfire and make her want me more and stalk me, but at the same time, I think she digs me enough and I have enough status in the community we share that she wouldn’t go nutsoid on me and if she tried to it would just reflect badly on her.

        • To be honest, I’ve had neither the pleasure nor misfortune to deal with a truly crazy girl.

          So take my advice with a grain of salt.

          My logic is that it is easiest if she breaks up with you – that is, she won’t go crazy on ya because she won’t try to keep you. This approach also comes from Roissy I believe, though I can’t remember which post, exactly.

          • The more I think about it, the more I think I have to stick with my original frame and with who I am. As an example, she smokes. I told myself long ago I wouldn’t date someone who smokes. It’s a pretty big turn off for me. Further, she’s been hanging out a lot with mutual friends and my frame with her should be the same as with them (which is that I don’t do drama and I’m pretty straightforward and comfortable being around women).

            I do really appreciate your feedback. I don’t think she’s truly crazy, but she’s crazier than I’d like, by a lot more than I’m usually used to dealing with.

            • Whether you follow my advice or not is immaterial so long as you come to decision that you are comfortable with. Better to do and regret than to not do and regret that. You can always do something else next time.

              Talking through a problem you often come to a different solution you had in mind or just get more confident in what you originally thought was the answer. Either way you win. No harm no fowl.

              I look forward to the update.

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