Yoga Chick and some linkage

So first the linkage.  Leap of a Beta’s page just gets better and better.  He made an excellent post yesterday outlining the motivations of institutions and how colleges are becoming environments that support false-rape culture.

Then today he followed it up with a lot of commentary/analysis based on one of JudgeBitchy’s posts (who I’ve added to my reader) and with some mention of my posts regarding Yoga Chick:

Leap of a Beta’s post

Please go read it all, it’s pretty damn good and he’s got some additional linkage to other stories about men almost being destroyed by a woman’s false-rape or false-accusation/threat/blackmail.  Intense.


Yoga Chick texted me today.  Last time I wrote about our texts, I’d left off with her not saying that it sucks, she didn’t want to have to take the morning after pill:

<AO> It’s the best course of action.  [Then I told her that I wanted her to understand I wasn’t upset at her this morning, just really not happy about this week and upset at myself for getting such shitty/little sleep.]


<Yoga Chick> Thank you for taking the time to explain.  Work things out, and we will talk soon :)

<AO> Sounds good. Did you get pill worked out?

[Then I tried to call her as I was driving, went to voicemail]

<Yoga Chick> Can’t talk right now….I’ll call you later.

<Yoga Chick> [Mutual friend who she was hanging out with] says hi

<AO> Word

[Many hours pass and I’m driving back home]

<AO> Freeway closed into local college campus into road closures on the campus.  So darn tired.

<Yoga Chick> Yikes be careful! Going to bed.  Can I call you tomorrow?  I’m exhausted too.

[I was concerned at this point about her not answering my questiona bout the pill, but just texted her]:

<AO> Night

<Yoga Chick> drive safe… Call me tomorrow… :)

<Yoga Chick> Nighty night! Besos!!!

<AO> I’ll probably be slammed busy all day tomorrow FYI

[At this point I also texted the 19 year old and cancelled with her, told her I can meet up with her next week after epic week ends]

<Yoga Chick> Don’t work too hard :)

<AO> I will [I get very beta when I’m super tired/worn out]

<Yoga Chick> Night :)


<Yoga Chick> I feel sick… :(

<AO> I feel a little sick too actually.  Hoping it goes away.  I don’t want to be sick while working all weekend

<Yoga Chick> I think I’m sick for different reasons… :/

[At this point the light bulb went off in my head]

<AO> Morning after pill?

<Yoga Chick> Yaaaa :(

<Yoga Chick> It was 50 can you just get 1/2?

<AO> Of course.  Sorry you’re not feeling well.  Is there something else I can do?

[1 hour passed and I wanted to see if I could bump a response out of her]

<AO> ?

[Eight minutes later]:

<Yoga Chick> No.  Thanks :)


I think she is absolutely still stricken with me and even MORE so with the beta tendencies because I think she definitely had an ugly duckling thing going on early in life, sort of like how I did (we had some long conversations on the topic).

I don’t pray, but if I did, I’d probably pray that I work this out without her becoming a stage 5 clinger.  Oh man.


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6 Responses to “Yoga Chick and some linkage”

  1. Thanks for the links.

    Glad to hear she got the pill in her. If you think she’s falling for beta, obviously my other advice to disgust her with beta won’t work. Not really sure what would help…..

    Maybe simply keeping distance between you and letting it fizzle out over time? Not responding to texts promptly, canceling plans with her, but still communicating a bit. Let time take away from her feeling of being caught up in the romance of it ‘just happening’ that is going on in her head, despite the fact she had to force it.

    That or just do it polite but firmly if you think she won’t blow up.

    • Was telling walderschmidt the same similar, but I think you really encapsulated my likely best option, “do it polite but firmly if you think she won’t blow up.”

      I mean, to be fair, I do trust this girl to a decent extent. I have had a lot of significant deep conversation with her and she does have access to my house (my roommate gave her the code to my key lockbox so that she could grab some volleyball equipment for him a couple weekends ago).

      She just called me not too long ago to ask if I’d be home so she could pick up an important item of hers that she’d left at my place. I told her that my other friend might be there (he’s staying the night), but she said she’d prefer it if I were home as she doesn’t know that guy. She then asked if she could use the lockbox to get in and grab her stuff but in a way that I took to be pretty damn respectful. I told her I wouldn’t let anyone use the lockbox who wouldn’t call me first to ask.

      I could be wrong, but I think that’s the approach I’m going to take. I feel like this is over my head sometimes, but then so much of life is just getting to the point of experiencing it and taking your best shot at it.

      You know what else is bothersome about her? She won’t use her hand with a BJ. And sucks too hard. I mean, a little suction is nice, but how do you get to be as old as she is and not know how to give a decent BJ? It boggles the mind.

      • Hahahahahaha!

        The BJ thing makes me laugh so hard.

        • I was almost at the point I was just going to grab my dick away from her and just go, “wtf, I’m telling you that doesn’t feel good…WHY are you still doing it?”


          “Give me my dick back, you’re hurting it!”

          That reminds me, she claims she hadn’t ever seen porn other than she was scarred by seeing gay porn once. Oh man…

          • oh lord. Yoga girl and no porn, but crazy DTF.

            No wonder she sucked like it was going to get away from her. Sounds like she’s crazy, but very inexperienced in a way that she’s focused on herself instead of what you want.

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