Yoga Chick – LJBF

So while I’m pretty disappointed in how late I went to bed last night, I did manage to have a late dinner just before midnight with Yoga Chick that ended in her saying she felt like we needed to step back (maybe she started to think I could be both alpha and beta provider?) a little and worrying about what I’d told our mutual friends in the volleyball community and such.  I explained that I don’t kiss and tell other than if necessary for some perspective on a situation.  Then after she talked for a bit I told her that I understood her wanting to step back but that I’d actually like to step back further, that I think we aren’t really compatible in enough ways and that we should avoid any community drama entirely by just going back to being friends.  She was a little surprised, but took it mostly in stride and I talked to her a little while afterwards and she seemed to be okay.




~ by aneroidocean on 06/26/2013.

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