Work smart and hard

The latter without the former will frustrate you to all hell. The former without the latter will only get you so far. Both together will make you successful. I’m definitely doing the first right now.

I’ve worked thirty hours the last two days, slept for a somewhat interrupted five hours on the couch at my job, now I’m in the middle of towing a truck and two car trailer the better part of four hundred miles to the racetrack and by the time I pass out tonight in the hotel room it will be at least another sixteen hour day.

The only smart thing I can do with this situation is to network like a motherfucker when I get back so I can find a way better job. This kind of work just makes the pay even worse. I love the racetrack we’re going to and while at some level I share responsibility for the crazy hours and how far behind we are, this is a horrendous job since I’m not even having any fun going to probably my top attainable (currently) racetrack.

Smart and hard. Smart and hard. Currently this job only smarts, and it really smarts.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/28/2013.

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