4th of July

So I made a quick post on my FB that stated I WOULD indeed be having my 4th of July party again this year.  I FINALLY got around to putting a page up (didn’t do it last night because my friends from Europe came in as I got home from volleyball so I had to treat them to a really good hamburger dinner and the hot tub afterwards with Maria).

Just put up the page maybe 2 hours ago in between hammering shit out at work (thank god I e-mailed myself the description/schedule of the party a couple years ago so I could just copy/paste for the most part).  I invited hundreds and already I’ve got 7 coming + 5 maybes and I’m sure a lot more to come.  Tonight and tomorrow night will have to be an epic thrash to get my place ready and all the major important stuff into place.  It’ll be a blast.  Might even finish the night on my neighbor’s 3rd floor rooftop to watch the fireworks.  Ohhhh man I need to start making a list of shit I’ll need to buy/sort out before-hand.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/02/2013.

One Response to “4th of July”

  1. If you need extra stuff, have some of your male friends bring extra booze or food.

    And it goes without saying to tell your female friends to bring over their slutty friends as well.

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