Race Results

From yesterday:

“On day 8 of constant work permeated with some sleep. Better part of a thousand miles towing race cars, tools, parts, fuel drums, getting little sleep and only short respites from go go go…we persevered and overcame constant obstacles, we finished on the podium despite push starting our car into a burnout so it could get on track when the whole field had already left the hot pits , we met and then exceeded our goals. I’m so proud of my teammates who came together to make it happen. Thanks to my clients and friends, that was a week and weekend I will never forget.”


Then I got off work a little early after we unloaded the truck/trailer, sent the boys home, and I caught up on some office work.  Went home, stuck around on the sand for a while until the miracle of 3 other good players showed up, and knocked out 4 serious games, winning the best of 3, coming back from getting blocked by the sole girl (she’s good dammit).  Played until the sun had set and there was barely enough light out to see the ball.  GREAT finish.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/02/2013.

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