Barely Hanging On

That’s what I feel like I’m doing right now.  I’ll be awake in 9 hours trying desperately to get to work so I can caravan to our trade-type show.  Luckily my boss is bringing a bottle of rum and a bunch of cokes/red bull.  I plan to be reasonably sauced from whenever I can get the cooler open in the morning until I have to sober up to drive the truck back.

Then after that I’ve got a big bbq with my friend overnighting fresh critters from New Orleans so that we can cook them up.  I plan to get females there to massage me so I can forget about the last week or two or five while sipping someone elses beer.

I need to make so many changes it seems overwhelming, but there’s really no other choice.  I can’t continue to live like this.  It’s barely scraping by and it’s stressing me the fuck out.  I can’t go to the trade-show looking like a homeless dude (or a mountain man), so tonight I think I’m going to just buzz all my hair off to a #1 guard and then buzz my face to a no-guard.  It’ll be a good cheap summer do and it’ll be just one small change for the positive.  Should be interesting to see the looks on my friends faces tomorrow too at the bbq.

I still haven’t gone and got that STD test.  Next week.  Hoping to hell I’m good.  There’s a huge event towards the latter half of this month that is going to have my town drowning in hot females.  That’ll be another positive.  Just need a negative on that STD test!


And just so we’re clear, there’s something incredibly nice about 69’ing a chick and having her get off while she’s trying to suck you off, especially if you come at the same time.  Thank god for Maria still being in my orbit.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/12/2013.

4 Responses to “Barely Hanging On”

  1. So who was barely hanging on? You or Maria?

  2. […] posting this post about barely hanging on in my life and my work being so damn shitty/stressful not a ton has […]

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