Why I’m Not Into Asian Girls

In a picture:

Girls' Volleyball: Flintridge Prep vs. Chadwick


~ by aneroidocean on 07/16/2013.

9 Responses to “Why I’m Not Into Asian Girls”

  1. Yeah. No matter what ethnicity girls that look like boys arent attractive. I’ve also noticed that any americanized asian girl, either fresh off the boat or first generation born here, get lazy as hell about their looks and attractive feminine qualities. I would guess its because they go from a situation where they have to compete so much in Asia to being handed attention here for free. Asian women I’ve met are either the worst women or the best and locked down.

    • I’ve actually found similar. I just don’t prefer their general body-type. I love the great skin/slow aging, but I don’t like the pancake ass that they generally have. My first gf was half Japanese half Portuguese and that was a great mix, but it’s more rare than common.

  2. My girl is a flip.. and she certainly does not look like this girl.

    Course, being a flip, she has a lot of spanish blood in her. You may have a point if the women are mainland china or the more ‘robotic’ type asian countries where people seem to be running more on base instinct rather than cultivated civilization.

    Just a theory.

  3. First Chinese girl I dated had the most perfectly shaped, firm tits I’ve ever had, despite being in her early 30’s. (High end of a C cup.) A very full ass too. Also, I’ve found that Asian girls in general tend to have nipples that stick out like pencil erasers, which makes me hot.

    Sure, half the Asian girls look like sticks, but they’re as easy to ignore as the half of white girls who look like beach balls.

    • Good points.

      “Also, I’ve found that Asian girls in general tend to have nipples that stick out like pencil erasers”

      This was pretty much the only physical turn off to Yoga Chick once she took her clothes off. I’m not into the nipples that look almost like a penis. I don’t want a nipple as long as the first joint on my pinky in my mouth.

      Glad it works the opposite for some guys!

      I also happen to not like large areolas. Boobs are great, though. Mmmm boobs.

  4. haha awesome photo.

  5. I don’t like that body type – but being an ass man I seem to filter out the pancakes automatically. Thank god for accepting my own nature!

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