18 year old – Should’ve escalated faster

Had a big beach event in my town recently and I was standing out in front of my place with my tall buddy and his awesome dog. Group of like 5 girls start cooing over the dog and talking to us. The one chick has tits like watermelons and my friend is all wide-eyed like “Wtf!” and the other chicks are all friendly and there’s one really short girl with long curly dark hair and a tiny bikini with an ass….my oh my that ass.

I just wanted to plow her right then and there. You can tell she’s been drinking and I waffled in my mind between trying to get her number (didn’t have my phone on me and she was only 18) or not and then the whole group was off walking down the street and I was sitting there like a dumbass. I walked inside chiding myself for not just going for it anyway, maybe inviting them into the house or something like that. Fuck!

Then I thought, “fuck, they were impressed with the whole setup, I can still save this” then grabbed my longboard skateboard and my phone and skated down the street to catch them before they crossed onto the beach side. I grabbed her, walked across the street with her, then grabbed her phone and called mine as her friends were trying to get her to keep walking towards the big event on the beach.

Later I went to walk around the event and ran into her. She barely remembered me (but she did) and then I scooped her up (she’s tiny!) so that she wouldn’t forget me again, but I should’ve just started making out with her right then and there.

Later on when I was playing volleyball I got a text from her trying to meet up, but I didn’t see it until almost an hour had passed so when I hit her back she said they’d already left to go home. Still might be a slight chance here, but I think I needed to strike while the iron was hot.

Still a fun time and I don’t think I’ve ever hit on a girl that short and that young before. My tall good looking friend wouldn’t really approach despite the hot girls all around (I approached a couple and got turned down, but still had the 18 year old wanting to meet up). Then we went to hang out with my FWB and her friend, banged that out later and called it a night. Not my best game at all, but I was glad to approach more than my friend and make something of my prior mistake.

I need to dog-sit his dog on busy beach days, the amount of girls that want to know what kind of dog he is and want to shower him with affection is fucking ridiculous. Who needs a wingman when you have a dog like that?


~ by aneroidocean on 07/30/2013.

13 Responses to “18 year old – Should’ve escalated faster”

  1. Man, I can’t wait till I have the money and time to get in the game regularly again. I’m so rusty and this post just makes me want to go plow through a few bad approaches.

    Sadly, I don’t have money and I need sleep tonight.

    Keep on it though. Fun story. Next time you’re right, and make out with her.

    • Hey man, you’re working hard on that. Give us an update when you can, I know you’ve got lots of challenges and I’d love to hear about them. I look forward to my own when getting a new job here in the next few months.

      The funny thing is that even my bad approach down at the beach event went well because I got the girl to laugh/smile some and got in the front of the line to try to win free shit and won the hat that everyone wanted (1 in 12 chance and I did it no-look). Made me laugh.

      • Will definitely update as things come up, but right now I’m staying pretty busy with church and work. I think after I clear some stuff up this weekend I’ll have more time so I’m planning on playing somr volley ball by the lake and taking dance lessons

        Man, an honestly fun bad approach will win over a solid ‘by the books’ approach every time. If you radiate joy and energy people can’t help but be caught up in it, especially women

        • Did you take volleyball lessons? Great game, even more fun when you get the fundamentals down and have decent technique.

          • No, but I’m playing with a ragtag group of people from church, including someones little sister. First I want to get my abs in better shape, then I’ll hit lessons

            • Cool. Try to get some lessons or play with people who know technique so you improve. One of the biggest things that held me back was playing with people that were at my level or slightly below. Eventually had to ditch them and my game improved immensely.

              I’m not a player I just crush a lot.

  2. Assuming she lives in town just text/invite her to your place so you can “hang out at the beach”.

    • Just texted her, gonna see if I can’t set that up. I’ve never had a true spinner (5′ height or shorter). I’d like to.

      Hah, in the time it took to write this she already texted me back.

  3. dude, great story. one thing i loved about reading tom’s book was that it helped me see that sex really is everywhere. i am still working on integrating this into my everyday mindset, but yeah, sex can happen any time, any place. great job in recovering and going after the girl. always be searching, always be approaching, always be escalating.

    • Thanks. Which book is “Tom’s book?”

      Sex is everywhere, especially when you get over your own insecurities and just go for stuff with more abandon.

      Now that my harem is completely collapsed, I’ve gotta be approaching and continuously working on building it back up. I actually just made a hail mary text to this chick again, see if she reappears with a text out of the blue.

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