Money – Casting a wider net and having a tighter grasp

This is one of my goals in August, to cast a wider net (try to make more income from more sources as well as try to rustle up a much better main job) and to have a tighter grasp on my money (using, preparing meals at home, and by not spending money so indiscriminately).


You can’t solve a money problem with money, hence trying to tighten my grasp as well.


Recently during a big beach event where the parking really gets to be a premium I made my friend wait while I stood by the corner and offered people driving by that were looking for parking spots an all-day spot for $30.  In about 10 to 15 minutes max I’d found a guy who gave me the $30 (guy visiting the state from London) and was happy to have a quick and easy parking spot.  If I’d had more cars parked on the street (I have at least two parking spots I can move to behind my garage) I could’ve doubled that easily.


Easy money, standing on the street corner chatting people up and watching the girls in bikinis walk down the street and my friend didn’t mind waiting hanging out with my neighbors.  I’m not beneath making more money and hustling.  Gotta really learn to get my finances in tip top shape.


~ by aneroidocean on 07/30/2013.

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