Small Progress

My friend fixed an issue with my phone (I wasn’t getting e-mail most of the time) and took apart a laptop that I gained from a computer repair client (traded him hours off his bill) and fixed it so I could use it again.

The laptop especially is awesome because while I probably will have to take it apart again to re-grease the CPU/heatsink for long-term use this thing is WAY newer than anything I have and my other systems all have some issue with them or are on the edge of being useless.  This will help me organize quite a bit and it’s especially relieving because I’d spent a couple hundred bucks on a badass solid state drive to make it even faster (it’s not new, but with this SSD it’s probably as fast or faster than most new off the shelf laptops without an SSD).

Small things, but they really picked me up today.  He got me a nice otterbox case for my phone too for free.  He said I just owe him a favor.  Fucking a what a good friend.  I need to leach more computer knowledge from him and get some more clients.

Oh, and I have two new jobs for computer stuff.  Small potatoes, but much needed with how broke I am right now.


~ by aneroidocean on 08/08/2013.

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