Scaling the heights – A guest post from Steve Jabba

I really like the inner game/confidence references in this. I want to get to this point, the unshakeable self-confidence/self-worth, measuring myself by my own yardstick and nobody else’s. Neat.

Krauser PUA

During my early twenties I followed boxing. Like all things I do I threw myself into it both in the training (action) and in watching and reading about it (theory). I’d buy the major monthly magazines such as Ring and KO, read the weekly Boxing News, and tape trade to get the latest fights.

One thing that always fascinated me was reading about the champions who derail their own lives and careers. Guys like Iran Barkley who was still functioning as a human punchbag into his early forties, unable to step away from the familiar sounds and smells of the gym and the glare of the ring lights. Guys like James Toney who could dazzle in winning a title and then need a gift decision to hand onto it against a journeyman with only a fraction of his talent. As Toney’s old trainer once said:

“Once James became champion he…

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