Boys get paid more than girls for chores because they have to do gross, dirty, potentially dangerous chores that girls don’t? No silly. It’s because SEXISM!

This topic comes up from time to time with people, and JudgyBitch tackles the topic pretty effectively with logic AND references. There is no appreciable wage gap in most cases.




One of the most cherished beliefs of feminists is that women get paid less than men for doing the exact same job and that’s because the whole world hates women and thinks they’re stupid and worthless.  It’s called the “wage gap”.


The very first clue that the wage gap is complete and utter bullshit lies in the logic of capitalism itself.  If any given industry could pay women less than men for doing the exact same job, THEY WOULD ONLY HIRE WOMEN!  Think about this way:  if you were in the business of making packing tape, and you could buy the exact same adhesive for 10% less from supplier A than supplier B, which supplier would you buy from?




In arguing for a wage gap, feminists are in effect saying that businesses are choosing to pay more for labor because…. why?  It makes no sense. …

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~ by aneroidocean on 08/15/2013.

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