Ended it with Maria

Disclaimer: I was drunk and on my phone when I wrote this over at the RooshV forum –


This weekend I was surrounded by attractive female volleyball players after a tournament at the hot tub and playing beer pong, and a friend of a female friend, Russian by birth but raised in the states, amazing body, totally into me, liquored up, and I had to throw in the towel as my friends with benefits showed up and then someone told her the Russian was all into me ( not even that I did anything with the Russian) and then my fwb (Maria) broke down crying and I went to talk to her and had to break things off with her and she’s obviously in love with me and ends up despondent all night so I pull her away from alcohol and spend the night with her while she bawls her eyes out and the Russian, my roommate and the Russians mutual friend are wondering where I went and they all tell me the Russian was primed to go home with me. What the fuck?! ? ! ?

It will be better in the long run but this Russian chick is fucking hot. We’ll see if I get another shot with her. She even texted me today admitting she was ready to go home with me Saturday night. Fuck. I’ve got no harem, no more FWB, and I threw away a near guaranteed hot lay that I had to play like a fiddle to keep her wanting me instead of any one of the taller in better shape guys than me at the tournament.


Since writing the above I’ve texted a little with the Russian chick and she’s still being flirty with me so there is some chance that not all is lost but the way the whole thing went down sucked.  I’d invited Maria and her roommate (my buddy) to the pool party after the tournament (it’s in their complex) and I was planning on playing it cool if she showed up, which I tried to do but I couldn’t control the Russian chick being really flirty.

I’m beginning to think that my buddy got jealous because he was into the Russian (he chose her as his Beer Pong partner and was trying to flirt with her now that I think of it more), which is why I think he mentioned that she was way into me, out of jealousy/frustration.  He’s a pretty damn good guy deep down, so I don’t think he meant to hurt Maria or fuck with my shit, but moreso was just frustrated.  He had a super bad breakup relatively recently with his gf of a couple years and it’s been fucking with him hard.

I’m trying to decide if I should call him out on it being obvious frustration/jealousy for saying anything (as it doesn’t help Maria other than to hurt her feelings).  In the meantime I’ve been concerned about Maria since I haven’t heard back from her since Sunday morning when I left to go diving (she originally was supposed to join on the dive).  As up front as I was with her I know how deeply it hurt her to hear me have to say that I did want to see other people and that I won’t keep seeing her at this point (after her breakdown).  It does nothing for my ego and makes me feel really shitty to hear things like, “All I want is you.  I don’t care about any other guys, I just want to be with you.”

Bums me out.  I’ve texted her and my buddy (her roommate) and still haven’t heard anything back.  Guess I gotta just keep going.  Zero options now other than the Russian (and that’s not necessarily a for sure thing).  Fuck it, time to rebuild.


~ by aneroidocean on 08/19/2013.

3 Responses to “Ended it with Maria”

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  3. “I was drunk and on my phone when I wrote this”

    that is why it is such good writing! fresh and urgent, as terry richardson would say.

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