The Russian

The backstory to meeting The Russian is here.  Funnily enough, our mutual friend who brought her to the volleyball tournament this weekend is a girl that I met off of an online dating site where I messaged her telling her she seemed cool but wasn’t my cup of tea.  Told her that if she wanted to get introduced around the area (she’s from out of state) and meet volleyball players that I’d hook her up.  It was a total stretch but it worked.  The girl actually isn’t my type but she’s super cool and not ugly by any means.  She’s integrated really well with my friends, but this is the first time she’s really hooked me up with a friend of hers (The Russian).

So in the backstory we left off with me losing my FWB at a pool party after the vball tournament where The Russian was getting increasingly flrtatious with me but I pulled a disappearing act and took off to console Maria (my FWB) and make sure she didn’t drink herself into a stupor.  The next morning I had to go diving and I’d learned from my roommate and The Russian’s mutual friend that she had been looking for me and wanted to keep hanging out with me if not go home with me.  The next morning:


<AO> Morning.  Had to take care of a friend last night.  Diving in [dive spot] with my cousin now.  What are you up to?

[NOTE: I went pretty beta with this looking back on it, but I did give the suggested line by my friends with regards to why I disappeared.]

An hour later:

<The Russian> Hey afternoon, no worried hope your friend is okay.  [Mutual friend] and I just got done paddle boarding, nice!

15 mins later because I’d actually just toweled off and looked at my phone:

<AO> Cool.  Just got out.  Gonna grab lunch.  You guys?

About an hour later:

<The Russian> Just grabbed lunch and back at [mutual friend’s place]…too bad ya left last night, I almost went home with you haha

<AO> I know, I wanted to pick you up and throw you in the pool

<AO> You headed down south [to where she lives about an hour away]

<The Russian> You should have!  I got pretty buzzed after you left.  And yea here real soon!

I then went to eat and play volleyball with my friends until near sunset so I ignored it and texted her Monday:

<AO> Hey beer pong almost winner

<The Russian> Heyyy Mr I left the party ;)

<The Russian> Jk you had to help your friend out.  But you did miss flip cup and me and [mutual friend] took a 30 min hott shower outside

4 hours later:

<AO> I am the party.  30? You must’ve been extra dirty

<The Russian> Ha touché ;) yes, yes I was

Left it alone again as I had a lot of work to do.  Today (Tuesday):

<AO> Hot sand cold beer

<The Russian> lucky

<AO> Just day dreaming [I cringe rereading this]

<AO> [Sent picture of the owner’s dog at my day job] Cute girl keeping me company at work though :)

<The Russian> YOu get to work with a dog? Can I become your assistant?

<AO> Most days.  We can play hide and seek under the desk…or is that doctor?

<The Russian> If doctors worked under desks then yes :) haha

<AO> Dork.  Malpractice would definitely be involved

<AO> So hot sand, cold beer, and wave frolicking, what’s your availability this weekend

<The Russian> My ma flys in on Saturday afternoon, so Friday night till noon Saturday


I’m trying to decide what to respond, but unless I’m a total idiot this seems like a no-brainer slam dunk and I should tell her to come up my way on Friday night for drinks and assume the sale of getting up and going to the beach in the morning.  Her mom is probably flying into the airport that’s near me so she could get ready at my place and then pick up her mom on her way back down.

Could it really be this easy?


~ by aneroidocean on 08/20/2013.

2 Responses to “The Russian”

  1. Perhaps you’ve reached a new level and don’t even know it yet. The things you do now without thinking used to take a lot of brain power, self control, and awareness.

    Sure – things can be to good to be true – but belief in the impossible has held many a man back from greater things.


  2. […] left off with this text where I’d asked her what her availability was for some hot sand, cold beer, and frolicking […]

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