The Russian 2

We left off with this text where I’d asked her what her availability was for some hot sand, cold beer, and frolicking in the waves (I entertain myself using words like frolicking, maybe it’s not Alpha, maybe it is, who cares).  She’d responded with:

<The Russian> My ma flys in on Saturday afternoon, so Friday night till noon Saturday.

[I assumed this meant that she wanted to hang out with me Friday night and wasn’t averse to spending the night and hanging out at the beach Saturday morning until she had to leave so I probably shouldn’t have waited until early afternoon the next day but…]

<AO> I get off around 7.  Meet me at 8, pick up your mom up on your way south in the AM

<The Russian> I have to be down in [other town] early sat and I think ima go out down there so I’m staying here :( sorry!

[A few hours later I responded with:]

<AO> k

[3 hours pass]

<The Russian> What’s your job?

<AO> [Give title/short description of business I work at]

<AO> And some side gigs.

[Next day]

<The Russian> Oh nice!

<The Russian> Do you watch supercross?  There’s an event this weekend :)

<AO> Nope, although I’ve always thought it’s entertaining.  Cool, you going?

<The Russian> It’s so fun!  Makes for a long day tho.  I want to but I dunno if I can make it.  I just found out I’m leaving in 3 months so I have a lot to do

<AO> Yeah I’m working most of Saturday but next weekend I get to go spearfishing with my parents.  For work or…

<The Russian> That’s so cool, I’ve only been out to that spot once.  Are your parents from here?

[Now, keep in mind that I hung out with her for a decent bit at the beach and we’d traded stories about where we grew up, how she was adopted and came to the US when she was 5 from Russia and definitely covered how my parents met so I was a bit confused]

<AO> Didn’t we talk about that

<The Russian> Uhh I’m going to be honest, yes we did.  But I don’t remember all of cause I was staring into your eyes too deeply.

[At this point I had no idea how to respond.  After 5 hours I shot over this:]

<AO> Haha -3 points for forgetting, but +5 for that response

<The Russian> :) win

<AO> [Explain how dad/mom met, where they moved to, where we lived as I was a child]

<The Russian> OMG I pinky promise before even reading this I remembered your mom is [x] and originally from [location] and [rest of story].  I just forgot exactly where they lived in [our state].  So random I know.

<AO> Dork.  Gym time!

<AO> You never answered why you’re leaving

<The Russian> Yeah work it ;)

<The Russian> Oh I didn’t know that was a question, yes I’m getting out in 3 months!

<AO> Explain more? Where are you going?

<The Russian> I was going to stay out here with a friend but I think it’s better if I just go back to family for my girls [young twins] and get a job and get my own property and have our own lil farm

[next day]

<AO> Morning.  Farm sounds nice. And family

<The Russian> Heyyy morning, happy Friday!  Yes I want animals and I want my daughters to understand responsibilities and the meaning of gods creation.  We’re def a country family.  My dad told me they need to hunt and fish :)


So this is progressing okay over text, I just need to get her to meet up with me soon so I can close.  I think it could be a nice little 3 month mini-dating situation.  I want to knock the bottom out of her.

I’ve also been on Tinder recently matching with girls trying to get a number.  Haven’t landed one yet but there are a lot of the right age range girls on there (18-27) that should be options.  Very intriguing.  My buddy has been dating two 24 year olds from there and he said it’s been very good.


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