Running Into Maria

Had a great weekend playing volleyball.  Had to work for 10 hours Saturday which took some out of me, but Sunday I got up early again and was on the sand by 8AM or so.  I had some good conversation with the Russian and I’m trying to see if we can meet up on Labor Day (but I am doubting it).  So Sunday after volleyball I met with my cousin to do some freediving.  We almost ran over a rattlesnake.  Visibility was poor and I was tired from volleyball so we cut our dive kind of short and I texted with my roommate to see if he wanted to join us for dinner.

My cousin wanted to go to the new higher end mexican restaurant in town because it was my turn to pay (only fair since we’d gone there once when it was his turn to pay), so we all walked over to it.  It has an outdoor patio and as we started walking past it, I heard someone call out my voice.  Turns out it was Maria, sitting at a table at the outside patio.  We all stopped and my cousin talked to her briefly, I said hi and asked her about her recent camping trip with our mutual friend Elle.

It wasn’t really awkward, I hugged her and told her it was good to see her doing well and out and about (with our other mutual female friend having dinner).  She mentioned she might be going inside to hang with a couple mutual guy friends (at the bar) after they got done with dinner.  I joined my roommate and cousin inside at a table somewhat near the bar (the bar is centrally located).  Later on I saw they came up and were talking to our mutual friends.

When I left I went to say goodbye to both my male friends and Maria and our mutual female friend.  The last one I was saying goodbye to was Maria and she kind of did the bye without really giving me her hand or anything so I opened up for a hug as she sort of sat sideways in her chair and it was some DEFINITE awkwardness.  It was palpable.  I just walked off after getting a half-hearted hug and left it at that.  Maybe I was just tired but that seemed awkward as fuck.

Is it so bad that I just want to go back and get some break up sex?  I suppose I should be pretty happy that this was the only awkwardness I’ve really had to deal with but…oh well.


~ by aneroidocean on 08/28/2013.

5 Responses to “Running Into Maria”

  1. “Is it so bad that I just want to go back and get some break up sex?”

    hmm, do you think maybe she felt that?

    • I don’t know. Talked to her tonight and seems like she’s doing okay, trying to keep busy. She said she called out to me because she thought it’d be weird if she hadn’t

    • Oh, you mean with the awkwardness at the end. I don’t know. Too soon to tell. I actually hit her up recently because my cousin wanted to go diving and she was a potential dive buddy to go with him. Ended up giving him her contact info so they could coordinate since she was fine with it (originally she was supposed to dive with us both but this happened plus this weekend I’m out diving with my parents). I’m sure my cousin being the offbeat strange guy that he is will ask her all kinds of embarassing questions or just ask her what the hell she was doing with me and call me a loser just to see her reaction then tell me all about it as if he got in her pants (laughable). I love that guy.

      I hope I get to hang with the Russian late and without her kids on Monday because I’m hornier than I’ve been in a long damn time.

      • how much are you approaching new girls? i know that a lot of men say they want to integrate game into their lives, and just approach new girls when they are out running errands etc, but i find that the best way to really create that abundance mentality is to approach a lot of girls, to block out six hours on a saturday, and that’s the best way i’ve found to not stress the current girls in my life.

  2. “I heard someone call out my voice.”

    that she noticed you and didn’t avoid you, that means something.

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