Cooking Game

My comment on Danny’s great post:

I’ve gotta say, there’s no move I’ve had that gets a girl showing me the doe eyes more than cooking for her. My neighbors who are the classic younger bachelor guys are always walking past my open door and telling me how they can smell my cooking in their house and are salivating. I’ve heard “What in the heck are you making, it smells SOOO good” so many times.
I’m by no means a great cook but I put effort into it and really try to make stuff that’s quality. I’ve had the same responses from people, Danny. I’ve had men and women tell other women that I’m an amazing cook (they’re exaggerating but the bar is so low apparently that I far exceed it with mediocre cooking). I think women being the caretaker see that you can completely dominate an area that they are traditionally expected to handle and on top of that eating is tied to the pleasure center of the brain and going even further is emotionally charged, so women are nearly helpless to not associate positive feelings, pleasure, and attraction with you when you do a solid job in the kitchen.
Finally, there is something VERY powerful that you can introduce by cooking for a woman and that can go either way. You get her something to drink and converse with her while you’re cooking (women love to talk so for them to be able to do that AND watch you handle things at the same time is a powerful 1-2 punch for forming a solid connection with you. Alternately (and my favorite), when they ask if they can help I’ll tell them no initially, but then when I think of something fairly easy they can do I’ll tell them I changed my mind and they spring up eager to help. Then you involve them in the cooking process and explain things as you’re doing them, giving her tasks and nearly overwhelming her with your control of the kitchen and the various things that have to get done in a certain order/timing in order for the whole thing to turn out well. It introduces/reinforces the dynamic of you being the one in charge and her being in the supportive role, working as a team. She will love this and the gina tingles will ensue.

~ by aneroidocean on 09/24/2013.

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