Quick Update

So Maria and I have since started hooking up/hanging out again.  I blew a load that would’ve made Peter North proud.  She loved it.  She’s been going through a bunch of tough stuff, so I figure I’m helping her, at least in the short term…and god damn am I still bone dry with women.

I’ve been using Tinder without any success transitioning into meeting them even though my friend is killing it on there.  *shrug*

Moved my old roommate out even though I think he kind of got the better of me with some of the issues we were trying to finalize, but ultimately I’ll be in a better situation moving forward so I’ve gotta just move past it.

New roommate will be a girl and has a near perfect credit score, I’ve actually known her/her family since I was young, and she’s a volleyball player and cute.  I think I will have to keep some solid self control and try NOT to bang her.  She is super excited to move in, doesn’t have a lot of stuff (old roommate was a fucking hoarder I swear), and I know she’s respectful/responsible and will keep the place way cleaner than the outgoing roommate.

I’m going to be able to park my car in the garage again once I sort out a bunch of boxes and throw out crap and get the couch sold/given away that’s in the garage.  My old roommate moved all of his stuff out and I feel like I can breathe again in my place.  I didn’t realize how suffocating all his crap/mess was.  I’ve got a number of things to address on the place but I’m really looking forward to having a better roommate.

I’m going to settle this living situation and then move on to work.

I got the number of a SMOKING hot girl while out dancing this weekend (but then she didn’t remember me and asked me for pictures).  Doubt that’s going to go anywhere because her family looks LOADED, but hey gonna try anyway.

Fuck she’s hot.  Surprised she gave me her number.  Must’ve been the right amount of inebriated/confident dancing.


~ by aneroidocean on 10/01/2013.

5 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Good to see you still posting man.

    What’s your favorite dish to cook?

    • Thanks dude.

      If I was more organized I’d probably have a favorite.

      I really like making full on breakfasts, sauteed bell peppers, onions, and garlic in an omelette with crispy bacon and sliced avocado over the top, banana and walnut infused waffles, fresh sliced fruit, etc…

      Dinner-wise probably a really full salad (walnuts, thin sliced roma tomatoes, cubed bosc pear, avocado, maybe some blue cheese if I’ve got it), then tri-tip or chicken marinated and then bbq or baked (respectively) with asparagus or some other good grilled or flashed veggies with some wild rice or qinuoa. Follow with fried banana. Simple and delicious, just a good bit of prep work (with the veggies/salad).

      I’m hungry now.

  2. good update man.

    stuff can kill you psychologically. you are inspiring me to throw out some of my junk.

    • Indeed. I’m trying to go minimalist. I want to only have stuff that I use on a very regular basis out. Otherwise if it’s used a few times a year it gets filed or boxed or binned and put away out of sight. If it’s not used at least a few times a year, it’s getting tossed or sold.

      I’m also probably going to forego putting another couch in at least for now. That way I have space to put up my poker table (I’ve been wanting to start up my home games again) and my massage table as well (so I can charge money for massages).

  3. “So Maria and I have since started hooking up/hanging out again.”

    this sounds like a post!

    tell us the story.

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