What do you enjoy?

Talking to the handyman the landlord sent over who is fixing a bunch of the little things at my place that need addressing and learning about him by listening.

This guy has a thick accent, not sure when he moved here but he graduated from a good local college with a computer science degree then worked at a company for nearly 15 years before being laid off at 40 years old.  He reevaluated what he enjoys as he picked up odd jobs to make money while looking for a job.  In the end he realized that he feels that being a handyman is more rewarding for him than the work he got his degree for.  Some of the jobs he does currently just that we spoke about:

* Re-conditions/replaces battery packs in Hybrid cars.

* Repairs computers/hard drives

* Handyman (at my place he’s replacing water valves, repairing the finish on the tub, replacing an outdoor vent, and re-painting over some kids graffiti).

* Still does some computer programming at his own pace.


He said he makes okay money and is way less stressed and enjoys his life much more.  Today he’s working right by the beach, he’s happy.


Smart guy, doing work that most people with a comp sci degree and experience would look down upon.  He’s successful and happier than most of them.


~ by aneroidocean on 10/05/2013.

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