New Roommate + Picking Up at the DMV

I’ve been neglecting this journal for much too long, but I have been taking care of some business slowly but surely.

The new roommate is awesome.  Not only is she clean, but she bought pots and pans on a fairly quick timeline (before I could buy a set myself) and takes up almost no space with her stuff in the bathroom, the kitchen, or the living room.  It’s almost like I have my own place and I just have a regular visitor staying with me.   This is awesome.

She’s been hanging out with my good friend the Bull.  If I’m not fucking her, he’s definitely the next best candidate for a guy dating her that I’d want around.  Hell, he has a key to my place and pretty much carte blanche to use it (he rarely does).  I came home to them sitting on my couch, made a burger and chatted with them, then he took off and I hung out with her followed by her showering and leaving to spend the night at his place (they’ve been hanging out over the last week or so, not sure if they’ve banged yet but I know she takes it slow).

So that makes at least 3 nights that she’s been gone in the last week and half or so.  This is working out even better than expected so far.  How can I complain about having who is clean, busy, and gone like 30% of the nights (recently)?

My garage is getting closer to being minimalisted/organized as I’ve been throwing out a box or so of stuff about twice a week.

Last Friday I was at the DMV dressed like a complete bum and I was so relaxed (randomly I had the day off) and comfortable that I chatted up a very hot hairstylist and then when I was done, walked over to where she was finishing up paying for her new license and asked her out to get drinks soon while I walked her to the photo area.  She said this was so weird and I said, “What, you’ve never been picked up at the DMV before?”


I noticed that when I was talking to her/asking her out, there was mad guys watching, probably jealous of the bum-dressed dude with the balls to ask this chick out in her 5 inch leopard print heels, high end jewelry/purse, and banging body.  It probably won’t lead anywhere because I likely didn’t leave a high enough impression, but wow was that fun.


~ by aneroidocean on 10/16/2013.

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