More Rape Hysteria

Are you fucking kidding me?


An Ohio University student says she was raped, and the alleged assault was photographed and shared on social media. Investigators say they have spoken to both the man and woman in the photo, and they are trying to determine exactly what happened. They say one thing is clear: there were witnesses, and investigators want to speak with them. The 20-year-old woman contacted Athens Police Sunday night and said she had been raped. She said the assault happened on Saturday morning sometime between 1 and 6 a.m. Within hours, photos and video of the incident were online and sparking outrage. It is the photo that started a firestorm. Ohio University says it is conducting its own investigation into an alleged rape near campus that gained international attention when photos taken by witnesses exploded on the Internet. The university in Athens in southeastern Ohio said in a statement Thursday that its investigation is “supportive” of the probe being conducted by the city police department. Police say they are examining photos taken and posted to social media as part of the investigation. The alleged assault occurred early Sunday on a street in the city center near campus. Explicit photos were tweeted and quickly reposted across the Internet. Later the woman contacted police and reported that she was a victim of a sexual assault. The university said also that it is supporting and providing resources to the alleged victim


This link is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, although it doesn’t really show any nudity.  There weren’t any crazy pop ups or anything when I clicked on it, just a news video with the girl’s face blocked out.  Her picture is below (not blurred out).  I’m not sure how she can possibly claim she was raped given this video:


Blatant False Rape


~ by aneroidocean on 10/21/2013.

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