What would you say your worst blowout has been so far?

Worst blowout? Easy. The first girl I ever told that I liked. I wrote her a note in fourth grade and told her that I liked her and I asked her if she liked me too. I told her not to show the note to anyone. What happened?

She read the note, snickered, and showed it to the three other kids in her group, then they all laughed at me. Probably biggest factor (external) to my huge fear of rejection that I had to get over.

Rivelino's Diary

from the comments:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 8.22.44 PM

it is 830pm and i am still at work and want to go home, but i love the question, it got caught in spam, and so i am going to answer it quickly.

my thoughts.

1. i love the question because it hints at the fear and trepidation of opening beautiful girls. trust me, i had it. trust me, i still have it. but after 200 rejections, that fear is mostly gone. i’ve gotten used to it. it doesn’t sting so much anymore. like roissy said, i have gained immunity.

2. man, i have had tons of crappy rejections. initially, it was just horrible. girls would walk right by, girls would look at me like i was weird. girls would treat me like absolute shit, giving me this vibe like i was homeless, worthless, all that stuff. it hurt, it really did. it really hits…

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