Motor Vehicle Office Bum Game

Posted this over in the player’s log/lounge of RooshV:

First about my roommate (and then down below the break about the Motor Vehicle Office Bum Game!):

I wanted to post a quick update to this. My friend the Bull has since started dating my roommate (she’s cute, cool, and has a pretty decent body, some guy was bound to start dating her, all the better that it’s my close friend who already has a key to my place anyway). They’ve taken it pretty slow as she’s that kinda girl but at this point she’s staying over with him at least 2 nights a week (or at least been there until late then back home then gone before I get up as she works earlier than I do).

This works out really, really well for me as especially the last two weeks between her being out of town for 3 days and spending late nights or just spending the night at the Bull’s place I’ve had my place all to myself nearly half the time and even the few times they are hanging at my place I get to shoot the shit with both of them. Really glad I didn’t try to bang her.



I actually got some random rambling in with a really hot hairstylist chick (easily an 8+) while we were both waiting in line to deal with registration/driver’s license renewals. I got done with my shit after we both got called up to separate stations and waited around a couple minutes for her to be done. As she was walking to the station to get her picture taken I asked her out for drinks and she was a little wishy washy (saying yes but she had a super busy schedule blah blah blah) so I flipped the script and said I wasn’t taking her number if she wasn’t going to get together. She was a little overwhelmed and I defused with, “What, you’ve never been picked up at the Motor Vehicle office?” with a smirk. She smiled then gave me her number.

I don’t think it’s a really strong close so probably nothing will come of it, but you should’ve seen all the guys jaws on the floor at the place. I was dressed like a bum in basketball shorts, had just rolled out of bed with the same shirt as the night before and my hair however the pillow fucked it up. Just goes to show you that some confidence, a little conversational skill/calibration goes a long way. I’ve never left the Motor Vehicle office so fucking pumped. It was awesome


~ by aneroidocean on 10/22/2013.

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