A story of a boy and rejection

I posted this as a response over on RooshVFoum to a thread which someone titled, “I take rejection way too hard” and here it my response:

You say you take rejection way too hard. I don’t believe you.

Let me tell you a story about a boy in elementary school who wrote a short note to his crush, a girl he found uniquely attractive and who he thought should like him back.

This boy wrote in the note that he liked her and asked if she liked him. In the post script he added the request, “please don’t show this to anyone.”

The girl opened the note during a group project and read it, the boy watched out of the corner of his eye. Then she laughed as she showed the note to each one of her group project partners and they all laughed at the boy as he felt the utmost rejection.

It took this boy well after high school and even nearly college age in order to recover from that rejection and figure out that rejection doesn’t matter, that rejection will happen at all times, that rejection is no failure, it is just practice for success. This boy grew into a man the more he cast aside his irrational fear of rejection.

That fear of rejection that imprisoned the boy was almost entirely self-made and self-fulfilled.

That boy was me.


~ by aneroidocean on 11/04/2013.

One Response to “A story of a boy and rejection”

  1. […] was reading this post over at LaidNYC and contemplating high school as well as my last post about what spawned the huge fear of rejection in me and I decided to count the years that it took me […]

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