The Difference Between a Girl and a Woman

A female friend of mine posted this to her social media:

Especially hilarious because she is completely a girl.  She probably doesn’t hit HALF of the items laid out in the article yet she’s all “you go girls [women]” about this article.  Hilarious.  She moved practically to another state to be with this guy and the relationship lasted maybe 3 months past that point and she’s already in another relationship.  She’s a total slut who hasn’t got off the carousel (she was still sleeping with other guys and not counting them because she was drunk while in a relationship).

The difference between a girl and a woman is that a girl will call herself/project herself as a woman, but a woman knows that she is a woman and to everyone else there is zero doubt.  They used to call them ladies.


~ by aneroidocean on 11/06/2013.

One Response to “The Difference Between a Girl and a Woman”

  1. I completely agree with the premise of this post.

    Well said.

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