The Bulgarian, Maria, and a nice weekend

Some other night within the last three weeks – banged a girl I used to work with a lot in one of my side jobs. I just met up with her after I got off a work gig, danced, then brought her and a friend back to my house for water, the girl friend bounced, then we banged. During the act she was amazed I was able to get her off so quickly. She was acting almost embarassed afterwards, not really returning my text or the call I made to her. I wasn’t sure why. Then today I saw that she announced her new bf on social media. HAHA.

Thursday I did a shitload of tindering trying to work up some leads to meet up with next week (still haven’t met up with a girl from that site, but soon). Most girls had boring as fuck Thanksgivings so I told them about freediving with my family and how we were trying to find lobster for the dinner table (no lobster but I pole speared a hefty fish, a type that I’d never got before). All girls were impressed, I feasted with my family then drove home and worked Friday.

Friday night I hit up some people but nobody was responding except for my neighbor/friend so he and I went out for some beers and to try to find some girls so we walked downtown. It was cold as fuck out so not that many people were out, but we found some decent girls to dance with at one spot then it kind of died out so we rolled downstairs and did the “should we or shouldn’t we” moment and decided on should, heading up to a different bar with a bigger dance floor.

This place was packed, but the dance floor was almost all dudes and some mediocre girls. I made a round through the floor and as I was coming back about to exit the dance floor disappointed and ready to go home there was a pretty shorter haired brunette (shoulder length) with a smoking body dancing with a couple guys dancing near but obviously not with her. I threw some kind of dance move down (can’t even remember what) and she was down. Actually, more than down. She was instantly using me as a grinding/twerk pole and I started handling her. My friend just straight up leaves after flashing me a knowing smile.

At some point she asked me, “wait, are you gay?” and I told her no, then we kept dancing, with her throwing her leg up and me grabbing it and leaning her back and all kinds of drunken shit (The G Manifesto – I DID NOT THROW SHIT ON HER). We got pretty heavy into the grinding and then I don’t remember what happened (I think I had to piss or something) but I remember coming back to see her talking to a guy at the bar with some girl next to her.

I walk straight up to her at the bar and say something, pretty much ignoring the dude she was talking to and she turns and starts talking to me, I position my back a little to him. She again asks if I’m not gay and I take this as a shit test and say, “you tell me” as I move in for a kiss (she seemed open). She does the cheek turn and then suddenly I’m aware of the girl that was next to her. This chick goes, “did you just try to kiss my girlfriend?!?!?!?!” and I’m like “….?” and then it hits me. These chicks might actually be together.

I sort of laugh and ask if she’s serious. She is and tells me since I didn’t know it’s fine but I better not do it again. I tell her no, I’m actually gonna bounce (because it’s obvious she doesn’t want a dick and I’m completely blown away) so I hugged the hot girl and rolled out. My friend can’t believe what happened the next day. He was just as blown away since he watched us dance on the floor and it didn’t even come close to entering his mind that she might be a lesbian.

Saturday night I held a poker game at my place, invited the cougar (we’ll call her Bulgaria) who is her on vacation that I know through volleyball friends to come play, then go out/dance afterwards. She was a little wishy washy but I figured fuck it, if she comes she comes. She ended up coming out and was wearing a pretty sexy backless shirt. Everyone was showing up late, so she actually came by when there was only two other people there (not enough for the game to start) so I just did some practice hands after convincing her to have a cocktail.

Eventually friends started showing up, but none of the other girls I’d invited. Thankfully my one female friend that Bulgaria knows showed up and we got the poker game going. It was a really good game because despite there being a few players who were rusty or fairly new to the game, I was able to demonstrate my prowess at keeping the game running smooth. Multiple friends brought good beer and we watched the end of the football game and after I turned on some good background music.

Bulgaria was having a good time, but just barely sipping on her tall cocktail (I told her we don’t have glasses her size). Eventually my girl friend and I convince her to stay to go out/dance afterwards. I ended up placing in the money and a few friends went home and a few more stayed to finish their beers. I established the frame that we were finishing our last drinks and then whoever was going out would and everyone else would have to go home. I’d been progressively turning up the music, but now I put it on a dance station and started really cranking it up. My neighbor got off work at 10PM and came over. He was blown away by the sound system and the bass getting the ladies dancing.

Soon our drinks were almost gone and I announced last song so we headed out, 3 guys 2 girls. The one guy is a silly dancer and wasn’t going after either girl and the other guy is too timid to be a threat (despite working in a job where he could easily pull tail). We went to the bar I have the most on lockdown and I ordered us up tall/strong drinks and we let loose on the dance floor. The bulgarian had never danced like this before but she was having fun. I danced with both the girls and gave her a little more attention because….dat ass. I was smacking it here and there and getting down. Later we moved to a different bar and of course we all walked right in because we can.

We ended the night hungry so we all bought sandwiches at the local place and headed back to my place to eat them. By this time both guys had gone home so I was just hanging with the girls (my friend has a boyfriend). Bulgaria ended up slipping through my fingers a bit and avoided a sloppy kiss attempt and chose to go stay at my girl friend’s place near by (we had told her earlier in the night when she decided to go out and continue drinking that she could stay at one of our two places instead of driving). However, she did say she would stay at my place next time with a nice little girlish smile so I’m hoping not all is lost. I’m thinking a candlelit full body oil massage and she’ll be in my bed. Thinking positive.

So since Bulgaria was out I hit up my friends with benefits Maria (actually hit her up earlier in the night to see how things were going as she was hanging out with mutual friends) and she was still up hanging out and they were all going to hit the hot tub. I was tired/drunk at this point but decided I was going to get my dick wet one way or another so I grabbed my longboard skateboard and made the seemingly longest ride ever over to meet with them. Hot tub was good, drank some beer, but by this time it was like 4 or later in the morning so we hopped out and dried off, then made a quick stop by her place, but since people were there we left. We were kind of sloppy drunk so we ended up fucking in a dark walkway next to her building (then some guys were talking right by the opening not noticing us but kind of killing the vibe), then we made out and I either had my hand down the front of her pants fingering her or my hand down the back of her pants…well…fingering her again the entire walk home. Drunken fuckfest when we got back and I didn’t go to sleep until after 5 AM.

Woke up ridiculously sore from Saturday volleyball so I had Maria make breakfast then I met up with my hot ass friend who I found out recently became single and we played and won 5 games of volleyball against good players. I will have to hit her up to come out in my town and see if I can bang her. That would be ridiculous. She’s model pretty and has been really working out a lot and it shows.

The bulgarian saw me playing with her as she came out late to the beach (with my friend who she’d stayed over with) and wanted to play with me but I reminded her she woke up late and that I’d told her I could only play until I had to pick up my neighbor at the airport. She came by later after I got back from my errand and hung out and we chatted some but I could tell she felt gross from beach all day. She insisted I call her to hang out and do interesting things and party too. Then I passed the fuck out.

We’ll see. She’s either trying to use me for a place to crash by the beach or she’s playing it slow. Time will tell.

I totally forgot to get back to any of the tinder girls or girls I’d moved to text messaging off of tinder. Fuck!


~ by aneroidocean on 12/02/2013.

4 Responses to “The Bulgarian, Maria, and a nice weekend”

  1. Good story. Glad to see you posting still.

    • Thanks dude. Encourages me to keep posting and certainly keep trying. I work again tomorrow with the one girl I banged that a few weeks later posted being in a relationship on social media. Should be interesting. Trying to figure out what I should say if anything. Maybe just a telling wink or an “Makes sense now…” with no explanation.

      • In your situation I think I’d not be able to resist a seemingly innocuous joke here or there – but otherwise I’d keep it professional and act like nothing happened.

        I imagine broads appreciate a gentleman’s discretion in this day and age still.

        I’m curious to see what action you take, though.

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