Lost Maria – Part 2

This is part 2.  Part 1 can be found here.


I fly down the fastest route and in less than 2 minutes we’re parked, staring at my roommate’s car parked noticeably crooked in The Bull’s driveway.  We walk up to The Bull’s place and we spot my roommate drunkenly staring in the window to his living room, trying to wake him up but realizing that it’s futile (he is PASSED OUT).  She keeps repeating “but he’s RIGHT THERE…he won’t wake up…” and Salty Spice despite being drunk helps me get her downstairs where she proceeds to insist she can drive and we order her into my backseat.

Once we’re back at the house I reprimand her and she apologizes but is still drunk rationalizing the admittedly short/straight drive (not that it’s a good reason at all to make the drive…you could just as easily skateboard it with much less risk to yours or anyone’s lives being affected negatively).  The girls start laughing again and being giggly and my roommate walks into her room.  I follow her and as she sets her car keys down on the counter I swipe them and tell her she can have them back in the morning.

Now I’m very awake and really wanting a night cap (and to talk/flirt with Salty Spice….and more but I can’t).  I talk to her, joke around, she’s very giggly, open body language, pretty sure she’s into me at this point as we sit, her drinking water, me sipping my huge cocktail.  We are a little touchy but nothing really because I know Maria is within earshot and she could come out at any time (and I wouldn’t disrespect her like that by fucking around with another girl in front of her).  At some point in this conversation I find out that she broke up with her boyfriend, so I think game on in the future.

I move to doing the dishes since I want my place to be cleaner in the morning and it’s a good excuse to not try to hook up with Salty Spice since she knows or at least suspects that I have a girl in my bedroom (the girls had wondered out loud earlier if they’d heard another voice coming out of my bedroom, I’d flat out ignored it) and I know if it’s on now it’ll be on later too.

In the middle of doing dishes and chatting with Salty Spice (she was  a few feet away from me on the other side of the kitchen), Maria comes out of my bedroom and bursts out the hallway opening into the kitchen looking very flustered and looks at us in the kitchen and says, “I’m going to go home.”  Keep in mind it’s around 2:30 in the morning now, so walking home in the freezing cold is a non-sensical idea.  “Why?,” I ask her.  She says, “Am I interrupting something?  I’m interrupting something…” and I respond with “What are you talking about?”

She then asks if I even want her there.  I say of course and to go back to bed.  She does after staring at me for another second.  I shake my head and proceed to finish off the last few dishes and resume my conversation with Salty Spice, ignoring the drama (frankly I’m too tired for it).  Salty Spice and I move to the living room where we chat some more and then I tell her I’m going to go to bed and she needs to sleep on the couch.  She protests and says she’s going to drive home, but I tell her that’s not going to happen.  She needs to sleep 3-4 hours minimum before she can go, despite her early morning plans with family.  She relents and I kill the lights after making sure she has a number of blankets to choose from.

I go into my bedroom, strip the tux shirt and dress slacks off of my body, put on a warm shirt and slip into my bed.  Maria is obviously still upset, but is open to me getting up against her to warm up.  I don’t go for the bang because I’m truly exhausted.  I fall asleep wishing that Salty Spice was in my bed instead of an upset Maria.  In the morning I wake up to Maria acting weird and tearing up as she tells me she knows I have to go (I had plans to play volleyball in the morning and it was time to go when my alarm went off), but that she wants to talk later.  I tell her that’s fine, wipe away her tears, kiss her forehead, and head out.  Later in the day she texts me to say that she just e-mailed me as she wanted to get it out.  Her e-mail follows:

I wanted to talk to you this morning, but I know you had plans to leave. I just wanted to tell you that I do love you and care about you, but our situation is not the best thing for my health right now. It hurts me that you are still keeping your options open with other people, especially since we’ve been seeing each other for awhile now. I understand that is what you want at this time in your life though. I am going to take some time to focus my energy on getting my health back in order. I appreciate everything you have done for me and how you’ve been there for me through a rough year. Spending time with you has always made me happy and I hope we can keep our friendship.

My response:

Well, what can I say other than I love you too and will cherish any relationship I have with you, hopefully for the rest of our long lives.

I didn’t see any other response being appropriate.  I’m hoping that between Salty Spice, the Bulgarian, and another couple less promising prospects I can get at least 1 girl to date again.  This sucks but it’s of my own making so I’ll have to improve the situation.

Since writing this draft I have been in contact with Salty Spice over text, she invited me to a cool event with her roommate and her where she lives that I can’t make and I also went out with the Bulgarian and had a really good dinner, sexualized conversation, and gave her a nice massage, with her offering to make me traditional Italian dinner and wine.  Funnily enough, I also have another flaky prospect hitting ME up out of the blue.  Hopefully when it rains it pours.


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  1. It happens man – you’ll be fine.

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