Lost Maria

The below is Part 1.   Part 2 here

Over the weekend I worked a gig until late, then drove the long way back to find my roommate and her girl friend (who I’ll call Salty Spice for no good reason) totally drunk and needing help.  My roommate is dating my good friend The Bull and for some reason she had left her stuff including her cell phone at his place (which is about 10 blocks away).  Salty Spice had texted me earlier in the night to see if I was going to join up with the whole group (they were out at the main drag of shops/restaurants/bars a few blocks away from my place), and now she called me to let me know that The Bull had gone home early and was not answering his phone and that the girls were wondering if I was home as they were outside having just realized that despite my roommate having her car keys, she had no house key on her.

Fortunately for them, I was in my car hurtling down the highway along the ocean, a mere minute or so from their location.  I let them know, then proceeded to find an awesome street parking spot a couple houses down from my place.  It’s been pretty damn cold out and this night was especially cold.  I parked and walked the short distance to my house and came across the ladies on the side of my house, freezing their round asses off.

Salty Spice saw me coming up and said something along the lines of “Woah, hey good looking” as I was still dressed up from my gig.  The girls were all giggly but freezing their asses off so I let them into the house and turned on the heater.

Now, let me break for a moment to explain the complication.  Salty Spice is drunk and so is the roommate.  However, I have Maria possibly in my bed as she’d texted me earlier while I was working, asking if she could just take a nap in my bed (she’d been over earlier using my internet since she’s moving into a new place and her current temporary place doesn’t have it).  That was all fine and well, but then she texted me later asking if I didn’t mind if she just kept sleeping, that she was exhausted.  I told her that was fine (thinking nothing of it as I was working late anyway and didn’t mind coming home to a warmed up bed with her in it).

As soon as I saw how drunk/giggly the girls were and the flirty comment from Salty Spice, I regretted my decision.  I talked to the girls and was getting them to drink some water and explaining to my roommate that the Bull probably just was annoyed at them being drunk or was just not feeling it so he must’ve gone home to crash (likely and covers my friend).  The roommate really wanted to go to his place to see if he was there so she could get her cell phone/purse and house key.

The girls were giggling and being stupid in between this, and at one point they ran down the walkway to supposedly check the roommate’s car to see if it had her purse or anything in it, so I thought I’d check on Maria to see if one she was still in my bed, and two if she’d woken up from the nonsense.  As I opened my bedroom door and looked to see if she was there she sat up startled and half asleep.  The girls laughter somehow hadn’t woken her up but my quiet movements had.  Just my luck.  I told her to go back to sleep that I was back and taking care of the drunkies.  She went back to sleep, I slipped out of the room.

Back in the kitchen it had grown quiet and as I looked to my left I saw Salty Spice with her coat still on, obviously back from the car, but the roommate nowhere in sight.  I asked her immediately where my roommate was and I got a “I think she’s at her car still?” and I questioned further asking if she’d driven.

“I don’t know, she said she just needed to go straight for ~10 blocks…I got out of the car and told her she shouldn’t drive, she’s drunk and I won’t go with her and then I walked back in the house”

“Fuck,” I thought as I ripped the door open and RAN down the walkway to where the roommate had parked her car.  I get to the end of the walkway, turn the corner and the car is gone.  I fly back into the house and tell Salty Spice she can stay or she can get in my car but I’m going to go find the roommate and make her park it and take her keys.  It’s now about 20 minutes after the bars let out and prime time to get pulled over and have your life changed forever.  Salty Spice follows me out the door and we hustle to my car.

Continued in Part 2


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