Break Up Weekend

I worked like a madman last week, left work early two regular work nights to go to gigs that ran until late at night.  Friday I had a party to attend (late) but just couldn’t make it, was too tired to drive to the party.

Ended up meeting up with my neighbor Elle and friends after she was really sauced.  I did my best to catch up to her and the bartender hooked me up way too well.  My dumb ass didn’t stop and I ended up totally hammered and we went and grabbed sandwiches afterwards.  I’m fortunate I didn’t do anything stupid or ruin my nice clothes (from the gig).  I was really hung over for volleyball the next day but I dragged myself out of bed and played 4+ hours until I had to get ready for my next gig.

Towards the end of the Saturday night gig I hit up Maria by text, just to see how she was doing (and we have a mutual friend in the hospital that we’ve both been visiting and seeing each other there).  I asked her how our friend was doing and she gave me some more info and asked how I was doing:

<AneroidOcean> So tired from all the work.  Getting back to [home] soon.  What are you up to?  [Mutual friend’s] party?

<Maria> Yeah.  Came with Elle but we are leaving.  Both exhausted.

<Maria> Are you home?

<AneroidOcean> Soon ten mins

<Maria> Was gonna say hi

I thought, this is interesting, it’s pretty late to say hi, but maybe she just wants to chat a bit, maybe wind down after the likely alcohol fueled party and sober up.

<AO> Come by.  I’ll be home

<AO> Are you hungry?

<Maria> Yeah a little.  At Elle’s

<AO> Darn just passed by fast food.  Should I stop by there or just see you at my place?  [I asked this because I wanted to see if she just wanted to say hi or if she wanted more.  Thought it a decent way to feel it out, since Elle’s place is a block away from mine]

<Maria> Yeah come by

I ended up going by Elle’s place and caught up with them both briefly.  Elle was really tired so we said goodbye and Maria and I walked out, over to my place to blaze.  I had Maria pack it up and then we blazed in the night air.  We chatted and ended up on the couch chilling and talking.  I put my hand on her leg, no reaction, then ended up closer to her until I was touching her, then just laid one on her and slid my hand up her thigh and firmly pressed against her.

I played with her clit to orgasm then she blew me, wanting me to fuck her but I grabbed her head and had her swallow every drop.  We walked to my bedroom and passed out.  In the morning I had her bring breakfast sandwiches down to the sand for my buddy and I and she went home.  I am pretty sure my roommate came home and realized that I had company.  Not necessarily a good thing for possibly future dating of my roommate’s friend.

Sunday I saw Maria at Elle’s holiday party (after I got back from a mess of a gig far away).  She was going to visit our mutual friend in the hospital so I went ahead and left the party with her to go visit our friend.  Had a nice visit kind of late with the friend at the hospital (with Maria driving us both as she was sober) and then we came back to my place and the plan was to blaze but we didn’t even end up doing that.  We ended up on the couch again and I got her all hot and bothered there, then led her, walking backwards with my hand shoved down her pants, right into my bedroom where I proceeded to get her off a couple times, including one time where she kicked my wall pretty hard and then collapsed in convulsions off to the side of my bed.

Pretty sure my roommate heard that too when she came home and went into her room pretty quickly/quietly.

What a weekend.


~ by aneroidocean on 12/16/2013.

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