Just A Tease

I did a quick Google Images search and this was the best I could come with to leave as a quick tease and placeholder for a post about this weekend and my time spent around Salty Spice (I should’ve called her Nerdy Spice or nerdy something as that would be more accurate, but oh well).  The girl in this picture is some cam ho I’m sure.  Salty Spice is nerdy (graphic designer, wears nerd glasses that look great on her), has a silly/dorky sense of humor, and yet used to compete in track and field and has a rocking body (the type I like), is tall (5’9″ +), and plays volleyball.  So the girl depicted doesn’t really quite match her, but she’s hot enough with the nerd glasses and tig oles with a nice stomach like her.  Post to come:



~ by aneroidocean on 12/23/2013.

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