Kansas court says sperm donor must pay child support

Kansas court says sperm donor must pay child support

The thing missing in this article is whether or not the judge even verified with the mother whether or not the father had signed away his obligation/right to any offspring from his genetic material.  I’m sure the judge didn’t at all.


This is going to be happening more and more.  I would like to be a sperm donor (especially if I could make some money at it and maintain my anonymity with regards to the general public) but I just can’t with the way the current system is setup.  There’s very little guarantee that you can’t be charged for child support no matter what legal document you sign, and there’s no guarantee that your donation would even go to a couple that you vet (for long term stability of your offspring…even if I wouldn’t want to be involved, I’d still want to ensure the best opportunity for my genes).

~ by aneroidocean on 01/24/2014.

2 Responses to “Kansas court says sperm donor must pay child support”

  1. If a married father is on the hook for any child his wife has, whether she cheats or not, (presumptive paternity ) why isnt this womans lesbian “husband” held to the same standard? They wanted marriage and all the rights and responsibilities that go with it… How’d they get out of THAT one?

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