Courtroom Game

Went to court this AM for a fix it ticket I kept forgetting about, got it dismissed except for the significant penalty (got 70% off the original total thankfully). Standing in the long line to pay, this thin pretty girl behind me in line is obviously upset that she has to pay so much money as she’s kind of complaining about it out loud (I think she was playing Giovonny game with me, trying to make me aware of her presence…or not).

I partially turn towards her and tell her, “You know…you really shouldn’t get upset about things you have no control over, you’ll be a lot happier that way.” She immediately continues with “Yeah but there’s so many nice shoes and cute clothes I could be buying with that money!” and I just give her a little chuckle and a smirk. The conversation dies out pretty quick but I know it’s easy to open her from this point and turn back forward a little more.

I’m on a crutch since I hurt myself fairly recently and am not 100% yet. I turn back and hold my binder out towards her, “Will you hold this for a moment?” and she takes it from me. I use my newly free hand to put my sweatshirt on, swapping the crutch over, then finishing putting it on and putting my hand out to take my binder back. “Thanks,” I say.

“How’d you hurt yourself?” she asks. I then tell her I’m a beach volleyball player and she lights up saying she is too and used to play in high school. I tell her a brief version of how I hurt myself and she’s interrupting with questions. Some I deflect, some I answer, but she’s smiling and somewhere in there she says I should take her number under the pretense of playing beach volleyball.

I tell her that I will take her number but don’t take it yet. We chat some more, I rib her about not playing for her college (that’s local to me and has a big volleyball history). She tells me what position she played and tries to impress me with the college’s history and says she’s good but not THAT good. She keeps asking me if we just play guys separate of girls or coed or whatnot, she’s obviously interested.

Like THIS girl but a prettier face:


She tells me about her roommate waking her up at 4 AM wanting to tell her what happened last night and how she doesn’t drink much anymore because it’s just too tiring. I agree and tell her there’s much better things in life and it’s more fun to play beach volleyball and then have a couple drinks at happy hour than go out all night and get smashed.

Then I invite her out for a drink.

Haha, no, just kidding. We’re getting to the front of the line so I take out my phone and she goes, “Oh my gosh what happened to your phone?” so I take it in stride, tell her it leaped out my hand…okay maybe alcohol was involved and grin. I got her name just before this and shook her hand (big PUA no no, but I’d played complete aloof at this point talking to her half turned almost the entire time so this was a connection and giving her confirmation that I was strong and able to SMASH her hand…I mean give her a firm handshake). We’re in line at court, not exactly the time to try to make out, although that would’ve been funny.

I put her phone number in and COMPLETELY BLANK on her name (despite getting it not 30 seconds before). I just ask her for her name again saying I was about to say my female friend’s name but that’s probably wrong and just because it flashed up on screen as I was starting to dial her number to put it in my new contacts. She just told me the name again with a demure smile and told me to definitely hit her up and then it was my turn to get called up to a window.

I handled my shit at the window and crutched out of the courthouse. She just texted me:

<AO> hey trouble [position she played in volleyball]
<Her> Um who’s this?? haha

Two question marks. Gentlemen, she wants the D. :blush:

EDIT: Two things I forgot. She was filling out paperwork to be on a payment plan for her ticket/fine, I’m sure even being a student she was a little bit embarassed about that. I told the guy handing out paperwork I’d pay in full.

Also, at one point she threw out the “Oh I don’t drink that much, I feel like the older you get the harder it is, or is that just me?” and mentioned something about the worse her hangovers are since she’d been a young age and I threw out “Oh, so a year ago?” and she giggled and said that no, she was a few years older than that). Then she asked how old I was and made her guess. She guessed 3 years older than her and I told her, “close enough” but she pressed. I gave her my real age (nearly a decade older than her) and she was surprised. Then she complimented me by asking what I do to look so young and then practically answered it for me. Easy.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/05/2014.

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  1. dude, great story. so is this salty spice or another girl? i am trying to catch up on your blog.

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