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A text exchange between Salty Spice and I.  Normally I’d be a little concerned a girl I’m dating is going to vegas for a friend’s bday, especially when there’s a group going and there are guys involved, and I was initially, but now I’m not.  A text exchange from yesterday:

<SS> Thinking of buying for Vegas

[she sends a picture of her in a sexy short black dress]

<SS> Okay I actually bought it haha

<AO> Hahaha!

<SS> :)

<AO> YOu know though, I want to see it in person now

<SS> That’s fine I can bring it over for approval

<SS> ;)

Then today

<AO> So would you like to model your dress for me tomorrow night?

<SS> Yes I would :)

She has expressed being very bummed that she won’t be able to see me this weekend (as she’ll be in Vegas).  Last night I took her over to my buddy’s movie night and she curled up on me the whole time.  It’s funny body language, my friend and I both sitting stoic on the couch with each of our girls wrapped around us.

Valentine’s Day coming up, wonder what I’m going to do.  Danny had some good ideas, but I’ve only been dating her less than 2 months.  Hmm…

~ by aneroidocean on 02/05/2014.

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