Memorable Text Message Exchanges

There’s a great thread over on RooshVForum where guys post there funny/entertaining text message exchanges with girls.  My latest contribution:

Last night the current girl I’m dating came over and after dinner with my friends we went home early for some very inspired sex where I finished all over her back and accidentally shot myself in the arm (I was holding her down by her upper back as I unloaded on her). The cum dripped down my arm and onto her back in little drips that she said were tickling her. Fun was had by all. She started touching me again as we were falling asleep for round 2. Then round 3 initiated by me this morning making us both late to work.

<AO> I must say we sure started the day out right
<Girl> Yes we did :) I was going to tell you that my legs are really sore haha
<AO> I like you with sore legs/walking funny…
<Girl> I’m like a baby deer over here hahaha…. Ok maybe not that bad

I was holding her legs up so she was bent in half laying on her back One of my favorite positions (and hers) but I guess we did it a little too long….or just long enough.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/07/2014.

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