The Stripclub Date

In between making Salty Spice writhe underneath me last night I was chatting with her in bed.  She’s going to Vegas this weekend for a friend’s birthday and will be with a mixed group.  Found out that the guys are pretty innocuous and the impression I have of her is pretty good.  So in talking to her I related how the last time I was at the strip clubs in Vegas I was giving massages to the dancers.  I told them they could either trade me a massage, a drink, or a lap dance.  A little over half opted for the lap dance, I got one drink bought for me, and the others all went for the shoulder massage back.  I had dancers coming up to me as I was massaging another dancer, or with a dancer on my lap, or just while taking a break and they’d say, “So I hear you’re a masseuse!” or, “Oooh, can I be next?”

I’ll readily admit that I don’t have much biceps (do plan to change that), but my forearms and hands are definitely strong, almost exclusively from massage (it’s not like this keyboard helps with any muscle growth).  So before relating this story and another strip-club related one, I found out that she’d never been to a strip club.  That on a previous trip to Vegas the guys in her group (I think a different group) wanted to go to one, but the girls in her group all were wussing out so they didn’t go.  I told her that settles it, I’m going to introduce her to her first strip club experience.

The funny thing is that I really haven’t been to strip clubs THAT many times, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that dancers treat girls COMPLETELY differently than they treat guys.  I’ll be in an even better position being that she came with me, and I don’t really like lap dances that much anyway, so being able to watch a girl dance/be sensual on the girl I’m bringing, major bonus.  So now I’m going to take her on a strip club date.  She’s excited about Vegas but bummed that she won’t see me for a few days.  She won’t be going to a strip club because she’s really excited to go with me for the first time, and she’s going to be giving me a lap dance after.  This is my life.


~ by aneroidocean on 02/07/2014.

4 Responses to “The Stripclub Date”

  1. Nothing like taking a girl to the strip club with you, shit gets twisted in the best way possible.

    • Yeah? Do you have any good stories or tips?

      • Took my LTR a few weeks back for a grand total of half an hour. I quote: “I had no idea they get totally naked!” Precious.

        Massage move is money though! I’ll have to try that one.

        As far as tips go, I’ve never paid for a dance and (outside of Vegas, if that) never will. I also make a point to not ogle the dancers like it’s my first time seeing titties. I like to get friendly with bar staff no matter what; in the future I want to get a strip club on lock.

        As for stories, I wrote a while back about how I got punched in the face by some cracked-out chick. That’s about it.

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