8 Things I learned from Living with a Beta Roommate

I do nothing too often. Doing something always feels better long term, just sucks maybe a bit in the beginning. Man, eye opening. I remember guys like this. Need to be the opposite.

Young Man Red Pill

This past October, I quit my job as a high school teacher and moved to a large city where I have been making more money working as a server than I did as a teacher in a much easier job.  Unfortunately, all of my friends already had apartments, so I was forced to get a craigslist roommate.  I moved in with two dudes I didn’t know; one of them is a solid dude, and the other is the definition of Beta.  When I wrote the post 11 Signs you’re a Beta, I was basically just describing what he does every day.

I’m moving out next month and I’m pumped.  But every shitty experience is also a learning experience.  Here is what I learned from living with one of the Beta-ist Betas to have ever Beta’d:

8) A lot of guys are loyal to girls who aren’t even their girlfriends.

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~ by aneroidocean on 02/28/2014.

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