Favorite Things That Girls Have Said to You

There’s a great thread over on RooshVForum on the favorite things girls have said to you.  I recommend you go check it out.  It’s part entertainment (there’s some pretty wild things girls have said) and part reinforcement of how with the right game you can have girls (in my case a girl I find VERY attractive) completely enamored with you and finding you really alluring.  My contribution from this morning:

I had a rough day yesterday and the girl I’m dating offered to come over and make it better for me. After some fun last night and then again this morning, we took a shower together. She got out first so I only had time to towel off and throw some dirty jeans on and walk her to my front door where I stood watching as she got in her car. Later she texted me:

<SaltySpice> You look so sexy standing in the door with your shirt off and the sun on you…made me want to stay. :) hope you have a good day

~ by aneroidocean on 03/12/2014.

One Response to “Favorite Things That Girls Have Said to You”

  1. that’s a nice text to receive.

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