Catch and Release

Hung out with new roommate and his girl. I think she’s attracted to me. Went out with a buddy and his fucking huge brother who I normally try to avoid. The brother was being okay so I kept hanging out with them. Went to a few different spots looking for girls as my buddy is newly single. Found one little smokeshow with her two bangable but not that hot friends. She was being a bitch, the huge brother buys us all shots on my buddy’s tab (so lame), she leaves despite both guys being damn attractive and spitting reasonable game (something was up with her, she was especially cunty).

My buddy and his brother hang out but then end up leaving, the other two girls start talking to me, I’m total cool guy with a cocky/asshole side. The one wants to fuck me bad, is in a 6 year relationship. The other is pretending she doesn’t want me but I outright tell her I know she’s attracted to me and she can’t deny it. She’s a psychologist so I start fucking with their heads hard, pretty entertaining. They parked by my place so I’m walking them back and tell them they gotta come over for a minute. Had no intention of banging them but man the one had such a fucking sexy body I didn’t mind hanging.

Get to the place and roommate is still up with his girl out on the patio, I grab the girls some water before they go and they chat around then I kick ’em out. No reason to fuck up my girl situation now, but man was that fun/funny. My buddy and his brother went home empty handed and I caught and threw back both of the girls that stayed. My body was hurting pretty bad from drinking all the leftover shots that the girls didn’t take. Oops.


~ by aneroidocean on 10/07/2014.

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