You are in charge, even if she’s on top


My comment in response to the question at the end of Riv’s post.  Quoted below, you can see his full post here.


anyway, point is, AO this part is very hot:

I had my girl ride me last night, yet I had a fistful of her hair and was talking to her right in her ear in between deep kisses, smacks on the ass, running my other hand all over her body. She came hard, following up with doing everything in her power to get me to come, incredibly turned on.

final comment:

talking to her right in her ear

what did you say?


My response:
I just realized you asked me what I said to her right in her ear. I don’t recall at this point, wish I did. I’d say it was something like:

AO: “Whose pussy is that?”
her: *almost inaudible, in between short but heavy breathing* “yours”
AO: “What?” *squeezing fist that has her hair intertwined in the fingers*
her: *louder this time* “yours, sir”

*few moments pass where I alternate between smacking her ass with my other hand and running it over her ass, her lower back, her thighs, her tits*

AO: “You liked sucking my dick earlier didn’t you”
her: *nods head, continues grinding on my dick*
AO: “You know when you suck it good like that it almost feels like your pussy right now”
her: *pussy gets even wetter/tighter, she starts grinding even harder/slower*
AO: “Oh you want to come for me now?”
her: “yes sir”
AO: “dirty girl. You know the next time I see you I’m not going to say a word, I’m just going to give you a know…that look. I’ll grab the back of your hair just like this and bend you over and smack your ass until you moan….then I’m going to pull down your pants and shove my dick inside you and fuck you roughly…”
her: “Oh my god…”
AO: “Oh yeah?”
her: *nodding head and biting her lip*
AO: “Ask me for permission to come”
her: *nearly breathless…she can barely get it out, her breasts heaving* “please sir, can I come?”
AO: “Yes…come for me…I’m going to fuck you until you come…and then keep fucking you and fucking you and fucking you…”

She’s pushed over the edge…right after she finished coming/convulsing I give her a “good girl” and “that’s my baby girl” and give her a minute to rest/recover before I proceed with the rest.

~ by aneroidocean on 10/09/2014.

2 Responses to “You are in charge, even if she’s on top”

  1. Brilliant! That’s how it’s done. You own her and she loves being owned by you.

  2. Growing up with a single mom, I was taught to “respect” women. I did not learn that girls want to be owned by a powerful man. Then I read this and it’s just confirmation of how not true that is.

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