Checking In

So as per yesterday’s post:

1. Loaded up on healthy food.  Bought a household item I’ve been needing to assist in keeping things clean.

2. Weighed in just shy of 202 lbs.  I was afraid I was over 200.  Hit the stationary bike next to a guy that bartends in my favorite spot so I could talk to him and maintain the locked-down status.  Turns out he has a similar injury to me so we talked quite a bit on it.  15 minutes of significant intensity and I decided to stick with my desire to hit the rowing machine.  Set it to 7/10 intensity.  Default when turning it on was 2,000 meter, so I bumped that to 5,000 which might be too damn much.

Maintained just barely above a 2:00 per 500 m rate, roughly 30 RPM, then about halfway through had to bump the intensity down to 6/10, but maintained my RPM, slowly dropping to just below a 2:30 per 500 meter rate.  I was fucking pumping the whole time.  Almost stopped a number of times as I was breathing fucking hard.  Was trying to maintain one breath in on the return and one breath out on the stroke.  My lungs were on fire.  Felt good.  Walked home and was immediately feeling sore.  Total time for the 5k meter was roughly 23 minutes.

Intensity was good, at some points I didn’t think I was going to make 5,000 meters without dropping way off my rowing pace and distance covered per time.  I made it though.

3.Healthy dinner yes, snacked a little late night, but not too much.  Was in bed for 8 hours sleep, probably got 7-7.5 after looking at my phone for far too long.


Headed out from work way late, pissed off about it because it’s not my doing outside of my choice to still be working here.  Fucking annoyed.  Was supposed to hang out with the girl but instead I’m at work fixing people’s fuckups.  Debating just having her stay home instead of coming over.

~ by aneroidocean on 10/15/2014.

2 Responses to “Checking In”

  1. Have her over! Won’t do you any good to sit and sulk alone. And on the job thing, trust me! I know that feeling (I wrote a post about that)! It gets better, though. Just keep your head up and your eyes open for opportunity.

    Good job on that 5k row! I hit the rowing machine for cardio every once in a while, and I hit 500 meters and I’m done lol

    Ps – Found you through roosh v forum.

    • Thanks, Remy. I decided instead to stop by her place and shoot the shit with her for a bit as it seemed to make sense. I was stressed out but by the time I’d spent 5 minutes with her I was laughing my ass off and the stress had lifted like a gust taking a kite up into the sky. I was planning to only spend 15 minutes there but I probably stayed for the better part of an hour and had a blast.

      That girl is very enjoyable to be around.

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