Quick Update

Haven’t really been exercising much, but my diet has improved significantly.  Unfortunately I drank a decent amount this weekend and feel pretty shitty today even though I wanted to hit the gym.  Tonight I’m going to:

1. Make a healthy salad/dinner.

2. Get my phone fixed (it’s full making it work like shit) and see if I can get my new (to me) desktop computer booting.

3. Do 3 sets of 15 pushups and 100 situps at home.

4. Get stuff packed in containers to bring in lunch food to work.

5. Shower and sleep before midnight.

I wrote a list of reasons I shouldn’t be working at my current job.  It spanned nearly 2 pages.  I felt shitty from not sleeping nearly the entire night (was kind of food-sick or something) but writing that list helped.  This week I need to pick a night and hammer out my resume/update my linked in.

On a semi-related note, despite my finances being in a pretty shitty state overall, if I calculate based only on my rent/utilities expenses, I’ve got just over 6 months worth saved up.

Not quite a fuck you fund, but that gives me a little peace of mind that I could probably go a full quarter if I needed to with just cash on hand.  It’s starting to become a high enough number that I wonder what the best way to keep cash would be that I can still access it in a pinch, but that isn’t just a stack of cash that someone could grab and run off with if they found it.

~ by aneroidocean on 10/20/2014.

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