Working out is such a great physical reminder

The constant ache of my belly after the gym two nights ago reminds me that I’ve missed the gym for too long.  It also reminds me that I need to feed myself healthily so that my body can recover faster and become stronger.

It reminds me that I have things to do outside of work and pleasure.  Self-improvement in other areas.  It reminds me of hunger in a way.  I must satisfy my hungers instead of constantly starving or just barely maintained.

I didn’t get much sleep last night after working the main job and a side gig.  Today I must do better, the gym, the food, the organization, the financial planning.

I almost bought breakfast this morning reasoning that I had the money in my pocket and could buy something nutritious and fast (and because I’d be later than I should be), but instead turned at the last moment and walked back to my house, threw some things together and got on the road.

On a side note, I went by my girl’s place and she has pretty much made my costume from scratch.  I’ve only gone to the store to pick out materials.  It ended up being a couple’s costume in a way.  She a sex symbol character, me her alpha male sex symbol.  She continues to prove her worth in my life.  Just realized we’re very close to a year since we started dating.

~ by aneroidocean on 10/23/2014.

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