Valentine’s Day

So a question was posed that I think some of you are also wondering about:

How do successful players who are juggling multiple girls deal with Valentines day?

My response:


“Sorry, but I’ve already got plans with the best valentine, she asks me every year and I say yes.”

“What, who? Huh?” they invariably ask.

“My momma”

Hey, it’s cheesy, but it works, and it’s the truth.

If I’m in a relationship with a girl, then I’m totally fine celebrating Valentine’s Day on a small scale, as long as she’s willing to celebrate the male valentine’s day, Steak and a BJ Day on March 14th.

So what are my plans for V-Day?  Since I’ve been dating Salty Spice exclusively for a while now and because she continues to treat me well I’m doing this:

1. Celebrating mostly on the night before.

2. Told her we’re having dinner late and going out elsewhere beforehand.  She should wear a nice dress, she doesn’t know what I’m wearing but I’ll be suited up.

3. Both of us out of work early, meet up, then I’ll drive her to a gorgeous resort overlooking the coast.  I may borrow my friend’s car that I’ve been wanting to test drive as it’s possible I may buy it.  It’s much nicer outside/inside than my car.  We’ll walk into the restaurant/bar area.  It’s very expensive there, so probably 1-2 drinks as we walk outside the resort overlooking the ocean at sunset.

4. Drive over to a high end mall that’s up the coast where if it’s too early for our late dinner reservation at a fine steakhouse/wine bar then we’ll walk around and do some window shopping or grab some wine at the restaurant.  Oh, did I mention at the restaurant I have a large gift card that should cover the majority of our tab?  A gift received from doing what I considered a minor favor but that saved a friend’s ass.  So all in all I’ll be spending very little money for a very nice night out/

5. Then home to have another drink in the hot tub or just straight to the bedroom for fun and sleep (not too late unless we’re really having fun).  Start Saturday refreshed, maybe go for a bike ride along the coast or have a nice beach day.  At some point I’ll leave to have a meal or some activity with my mom, or maybe just invite her down.

Past V-Day posts with some simple examples of what I’ve done on Valentine’s Day:


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