Cougar City

Recently I went out to meet up with an older lady who was visiting before and is now back in town after a long absence.  My other buddy had some older ladies with him and was trying to play the pimp as he usually does (he usually fails).  An older lady friend of mine comes over to join the group rather late so I tease her and have a good time hanging out eating some food and having a beer.

She teases me back and asks me when she can get another shoulder massage and that immediately reminded me that when I did give her a massage I made her get me a beer for it.  I tossed that fact back her way and she said she was totally down so with a fresh free beer on the table in front of me on the patio I worked on her shoulders and neck/upper back.

Like this except she had a bikini top under an open shoulder shirt and was sitting:


Almost immediately I had the drunkies at the table ooh’ing and joking about what I was doing to her as some of it could look wrong or be misinterpreted.  I laughed them off and continued.  The comments turned from lighthearted/joking to requests to be next in line.  I countered that they’d need to buy me a drink first, my hands aren’t free.  Her friend kept telling people “oh wow, can you imagine how he could make you feel inside?  Can you imagine what he’d be like in bed?” before grabbing onto my arms.

This led to a bunch of naughty joking with the cougars my buddy had invited and eventually the one cougar practically offering up her college age daughter to me.  The same daughter that when I’d met them both prior she told me to keep away from her daughter.  Now that she saw my mastery she actually encouraged me.  Very strange.

If the things with Salty Spice weren’t still going damn well, I’d have taken her up on her offer.  The daughter is smoking hot/in shape, smart, and younger to boot.

I rather enjoyed my “free drinks” and being “the man” within that patio/restaurant/bar.


~ by aneroidocean on 06/01/2015.

6 Responses to “Cougar City”

  1. great story. so you are an expert at giving massages?

    • I would like to learn more in-depth about the musculature and more advanced techniques, but I’ve been able to glean a lot from experienced masseuses and I’d like to think I have a knack for it. I’m a shade-tree masseuse, not an expert, but a good one (if you will).

    • Also, when I’m in practice, my hands are strong and I can calibrate fairly well to the needs of each person. I’ve got less defined bicep than I do forearm when I’m not working out otherwise. Most massages you pay for are with masseuses who would completely wreck their body if they didn’t employ techniques to use their body weight, forearms, elbows, palms, etc… in concert instead of their fingers/hands/forearm muscles. This is because they’re giving massages all day, you’ll never get their best massage, even if they’re very, very good.

  2. Glad you still post, even if only once a blue moon.


    • Thanks bud. What would you like to see me post about? I’d like to start writing more often. Have been reading RvF too much lately.

      • I think you have a similar writer’s blog to mine, so I’d say – write anything!

        I read you because not only do I like what you write but how you write.

        I have to force myself to write. Managed to get one post out this work and have chained myself to my desk until I get one more out.


        (If you really have no idea what to write – why not read a post or five of your beginnings here and write a post on how much you’ve changed since then?)

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