New Speargun

So a while back I won a pretty nice speargun that’s longer and thus better for me to shoot pelagic fish with.  I figured out I really should exchange it for a slightly longer model so that I can use it dual-purpose for small/middle size pelagics and also for bigger game fish when I work my way up to those, so I can grow into the gun.  Also, I could use a slip tip type setup and a reel so I talked to someone I know who helps run the company and she arranged for me to exchange the gun and only pay the difference between this speargun and the longer one.  I also got the gun setup with appropriate slip tip and rigging and got it all at a heavy discount from retail, paying no labor for the setup.  Got to check out the manufacturing facilities and meet the attractive receptionist too.  She was digging me too which is always nice.


Also recently I was able to borrow a kayak for an upcoming competition and went to a local dive shop to get my shortest gun setup with new bands/hardware so I can be better prepared for the competition.  I know I won’t have really any chance at placing, but I’ll be able to dive with good divers and it will be invaluable experience as well as checking something off my list.  I can’t wait for the competition and to get my new gun in the water.


I want to dive more, swim more, and get into a routine of hitting the weights every week.  I’ve got some serious body fat going right now and I need to strengthen my core, it’s so weak right now.  Girlfriend is going okay, but I need to improve other areas of my life and take a trip with her, I’ve been neglecting her a bit and I think it’s gonna affect things negatively soon if I don’t get on top of my game.

~ by aneroidocean on 10/09/2015.

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