Feeling Good

My posts are going to be boring here for a while until I get into the swing of things (and then they’ll be slightly less boring):


Fairly tired today.  Managed to play nearly 4 hours of beach volleyball over the weekend before working multiple gigs.  I was ill and my aerobic ability has been severely hampered but I finished my medicine and was feeling much better, although definitely not 100%.  I thought I might’ve overdone it, but I think I stopped in time to let my body recover.  My last gig was actually really easy, got paid for 4 hours and only worked about an hour and a half, plus we got fed a gourmet meal and I got a couple cocktails.


I felt decent enough to go meet up with some friends, dance with the girls, and have a cold beer.  Then I went home and got some decent sleep last night after falling asleep on the couch while watching a recording of the latest Donald Trump rally.  Not because he bores me, quite the opposite, but I was just totally relaxed and tired which was a recipe for passing out.  This morning after a righteous shit I jumped on my longboard and cruised over to get a hot coffee in my travel mug (cheap “refills” when you bring your own mug) and some breakfast to go.


Got into the office early and worked on my planning for a future dive competition.  Really excited for that as it’ll be a big challenge to even land any significant number of fish.  I don’t have much of a shot at doing well in the competition, but it’ll be great experience and I really think my teammates are going to be fun to dive with.  It’ll also cement my requirements for joining the dive club so by next voting session I’ll have a solid chance to get in.  I’m a little concerned about being in shape enough for the competition since we won’t be able to use a boat, but I should be healthy enough by then and I’m going to do my best to maximize my sleep in the time before the competition so I’m fully rested before I’m in the water toughing it out.


Oh, and when I went and danced with the girls, one of them is back in town visiting after having moved away.  I saw her at the bar ordering a drink when I first walked in, so I rolled up next to her in my work outfit (definitely dressy and I know I look sharp and overdressed for this place) and bumped her shoulder.  She turned, looked at me and then did a double take realizing she knew me and you could just about see the moment she became incredibly turned on.  Even the hot female bartenders were stealing glances at me.  This girl was just astonished at how good I looked (I’d seen her over the weekend at the beach covered in hat/sunglasses and heavy sunscreen and she barely recognized me then).  All the girls were loving how I looked (it felt pretty good I have to say) but this girl from out of town was practically ready to rape me and then backed off saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know you have a girlfriend.”


Pretty entertaining, had a good time dancing.  I need to get in good shape and update my wardrobe some more so that this is more of a regular occurrence.  Even if I do have a gf, there’s no reason to not have her know full well how much in demand I am (or can be).


How was your guy’s weekend?

~ by aneroidocean on 10/12/2015.

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  1. Keep on keepin’ on, buddy.


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